Welby comes to work

On his bike, no less. And I have just one question.

What in the hell was I thinking?

Acutally, it wasn’t that bad, but coupled with the newly instituted non-smoking policy concerning my body, I feel as if someone drove a truck over me this morning.

Somebody tell me I’m doing the right thing.

Dude, at least you’re trying. If I can’t get there by car or elevator, I don’t go. Period. And there had better be an ashtray in the car, too! And it better not be a non-smoking restaurant!

You’re doing the right thing welby.

Any other bandwagon you want me to jump on?

Yay! Good for you! Nice to know I’m not the only one suffering for the sake of health.

Of course, the bike I ride is a stationary recumbent at the Y and I can watch TV while I’m peddling… but I do have it set to level 7 and I’ll do 25 minutes before heading to the torture, er, weight machines.

So YAY! You’re doing the right thing!

Sure Rue There this one that involves sending me checks in the amount of $50.00. . . .

At least FCM thinks I’m doing the right thing and is suffering with me. Now I feel better.

Not that she’s suffering, but that I’m not the only one.

Wow, no matter how you say it, it still sounds bad.

It’s a good kind of suffering. Like, um, waiting in a long, long line to cash in your winning lottery ticket, right? :wink: And you know once your poor abused body gets past the shock and agony, you’ll start feeling better. I’ve been going back to the Y for about a month, and I’m mainly past the muscular revolt and working on the tired-but-satisfied feeling. It’s not as good as chocolate, but it’s not as bad as a sharp stick in the eye.

YAY! again.

I rode to work today also. Physically, it wasn’t too bad, but the trip was into a brisk headwind, and I had dust get blown under my contact lenses.

Sunny and 75 def F when I leave was the primary motivation, but the raw need for exercise is a close second.

How far is it to work for you bicycle commuters? I would be delighted to commute by bicycle if it were feasible, but with one exception, I’ve always lived too far from work to manage it. And in that one exception, the route would have involved a two-lane road with no shoulders that people drove along like bats out of hell.

Sorry, I can’t send you a check today welb, the Little Woman took the checkbook to work with her. I could send you cash though. How does that sound? But I’ve only got twenties today, so I’ll have to send you three. I hope the extra doesn’t mess up your plan.

I never really made a consistent practice of it, but I used to ride to work a number of years ago. It was a bit less than 5 miles each way. Some days, I’d also ride another 15 to 20 during my lunch hour. This is back in the days when I used to ride 100 to 200 miles per week - weather permitting, of course. And before that bastard ran over me.

Wow UncleBeer that’s a pretty decent bike commute, at least to a newbie like me. I have two routes plotted out, one of which is 2.2 miles each way, and the other which is 3.5 each way. After I get used to the 2.2 I’ll move to the longer track, because the entire point of the thing for me is to get into shape. If the three mile route doesn’t make me happy after a few months, I’ll probably start adding a mile by making a circuit of the campus before heading home.

I didn’t make the decision lightly, but I got tired of going and fighting at my re-enactments and not being able to breathe afterwards or feel good the next day.

Rue, just send along the twenties and I’ll send a ten back as change. It’s never a problem to make change when being given free money. And just so you don’t feel like you’re being ripped off, I’ll make sure to include your Official Welby Bandwagon Card with the change. For an extra five bucks I’ll fudge the date and make it look like you were the first member.

Welby, good for you! I aspire to be able to ride my bike to work some day! Of course I have to find a new job first…

Carry the banner, brother! You’re doing good!

I cycle to work every day. It’s only two miles each way, but it’s a good little bit of exercise. Plus, you get to feel smug about not polluting with your car. Keep it up!

See? Francesca is the type of person I’m seeking. I didn’t even consider the smug factor.

So far the benefits I came up with were:

  1. Healthy exercise.
  2. Helps me quit smoking.

I never thought about the intangible benefits.

So: Day Two.

Ouch, ass ache is something else. A friend says it will pass in a week or so. Until then it’s lots of Aleve. Before I started my this I weighed myself, and will do so once a week. I’m pretty grossly overweight for someone my height, though I do carry it well, or so says the wife.

Right now: 315 lbs.

I plan to check it once a week at the end of the week to see how I’m doing. Along with the non-smoking policy and biking, I’ve started eating healthier foods (a near impossibility on a college campus, so I’m bringing my own). I hope to be around 230-240 at some point in the future. Still a tad overweight, but nothing like now.

I’m telling you that you are trully doing the right thing. I bike to work 4 days out of 5 and I can tell you this from personal experience.

After 7 days the ass hurt will be an old memory and not likely to occur again until you stay of your bike for a week.

After 14 days you will start to miss biking to work those wretched days you have to go by car/train/plane/pogo stick.

After 21 days you will think back upon that first day and how much harder it was then.

After 28 days you will start to try and bike the longer routs more and more often.

KEEP AT IT! You are so much better of biking. I get to work every morning (well 4 out of 5) thinking. “Wow I just worked out 30 minutes and my day hasn’t even started yet!”

Also have you noticed how much better your bain is able to think when you bike compared to car etc. etc.