welcome another victim!

hello guys, i have another victim… er… FRIEND. yeah, friend. yeah. anyway, lemme introduce ya to Wind Sorceress. she’s my bestest friend! anyway, lets hear a nice, loud Doper cheer for her!


[sub]now let the razing begin![/sub]

ducks as WS chucks a textbook at me

Welcome W.S.! Hey, you know there’s a really great party going on-they’ve got a band and everything! Tell Cougarfang to bring ya over—unless she doesn’t want you to know some of the cat-astrophic things she’s been up to! Heh!Heh!Heh!
"D !

Welcome Wind Sorceress


:runs out of insperation:

Just Welcome I guess, enjoy your stay, for room service dial 001.

Welcome, Wind Sorceress. Yet another poster with a really cool name.

I’m glad you’re here. :slight_smile:

Cool name. Very classy.

If cougarfang had picked a better thread title, this would have gotten more posts.

Doesn’t reflect on you, only on Cougartoothless.

Go gum an apple, Cougar. You shorted your pal.

i feel special. really. thanks to all the other people who welcomed me : zoogirl, gatog, ice wolf, and Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor

clears throat


watches Bosda jump entertainingly

chases Bosda around thread


scratch scratch scratch


I agree with Bosda on this one. I’d recommend Cougar have a mod change the topic to, “Welcome another victim - it’s a girl!”

And if that’s still not enough views for you, he could always add one of the many highly effective, female anatomy related, “magic words” to the topic.

Anyway, don’t mind me. Welcome, and don’t use any straws you haven’t unwrapped yourself. Trust me on this one.

[boris karloff voice]
Another visitor! Stay a while, stay…forever!
[/boris karloff]

Hi there, Wind Sorceress! Victim’s rights meetings are on Wednesdays at 16:00, you should go ahead and pencil that in.

About your friend, she’s a bit ‘high strung’. You’ll have to let us know if she’s like that in real life. And if you could get her to give Bosda’s head back, he might be needing that later. Thanks.

Hello, Wind Sorceress. I’m Superdude. Board superhero and resident hottie. You should just surrender your undies to me now. :slight_smile:

:: Ducks from Cougarfang’s attempt to discipline::

[sub]Man, I almost had her undies[/sub]

Hi there Wind Sorceress!

::runs naked through thread::

[sub]This loses effect every time I do it…[/sub]


I wish my name was as cool as yours. Of course, I’d probably have to be female to be a Sorceress.

But welcome aboard!


“My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” - Ralph Wiggum