Welcome me into the TiVo club

Yep. Now I can utilize even more of my 168 hours a week watching TV. It only took me 7 hours to set it up too. I know the box says ‘under one hour for setup’ but that is for MENSA members and people like that. It reminds me of Married with Children when Al and Jefferson are building something and Peg says ‘The box says a chimp can do it in 30 minutes so I figure it’ll take them three, four hours. Then they’ll call a chimp’.

I had tons of problems with the setup. The remote codes didn’t work, the IR reception was screwey, I had to set up an account, the phone wouldn’t dial for the program call (this alone took about 4 hours) etc. But now i’m done. And its not so bad. Its my first day of TiVo and I like it so far. You come home and see some shows you forgot you put on your wishlist the night before.

So what does everyone have on their season pass? I have

Boiling points
Married…With Children
Family Guy
Star Trek (original)
The Critic

I have a Toshiba SD-H400. I figured that “Basic” quality meant normal TV quality and “Best” meant HDTV/plasma quality. Nope. Basic = grainy and Best = normal. High quality is ok though, I can probably use that.