Welcome our new puppy!

This is Vegas our new Boxer whom we have adopted from Boxer Rescue Ontario.

We are driving 3 1/2 hours each way to pick her up tomorrow. I can not WAIT!!

She is 6 months old. She is deaf. She is a smart girl. In the month she’s been in foster with the coordinator, she has learned 6 hand signals.

I just couldn’t help myself…must show her off!

Lovely creature :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness, that is a cute dog. And major kudos to you for getting her from a rescue org. You did a very good thing.

No way :slight_smile: I love white Boxers. Do you know where in Onatrio she came from originally? Only reason I ask is because I have a friend who adopted one from a shelter as an 8 week old pup who is just about that age now (I can’t remember if he is almost 7 months, or just turning 6).

Is Linda the foster parent?


Nope, Barb is the foster mom. She’s great.

As far as I know Vegas (formerly known as Sophie) was breeder bought by a single mom who couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t listen. She kept nipping at her two small kids and she just found she didn’t have time for her. Turns out she’s deaf, and that’s why she wasn’t listening.

And thanks Lucretia for the kudos. We love helping animals and after losing our 11 1/2 year old Boxer in July, we thought of nothing better than to help a dog in need.

Oh my goodness, she’s so cute!

It’s so neat that dogs can learn hand signals. Our two know a few, so if they ever develop hearing problems, they have no excuse for not sitting or lying down. Heh heh. :slight_smile:

She’s absolutely gorgeous. Good on you for going the rescue route. I had my shepherd/husky mix that I got from a shelter as a kid for 23 years (yeah, i know) before I had to put him down.

I got another shelter kid not too long after, and will do it that way always, i need all the karma points I can get.

Awwwwwww…She’s so cute!

::wave wave wave:: Welcome Vegas!!!

Precious angel!!!

And kudos for adopting a deaf dog. I don’t think I could handle that very well – I’m way too used to shouting for attention!

I want to rescue our next dog.

Ardred’s (my so) parents are Greyhound rescuers in Kansas City www.kcregap.com

I don’t particularly want a grey, but I would like to rescue once our beloved Hockey passes on.

I should have mentioned that our dogs were rescues as well. Rescue dogs can be absolutely wonderful!

::hugs da dog!!!::

Er, if allowed to. :slight_smile:

(Never hug, pet, or whatever, without asking permission first.)

Congrats on the new addition to your family! :slight_smile:

Be sure to have her eyes checked out too :slight_smile: Sometimes dogs who are bilaterally deaf also have some eye issues (especially if the pigmentation around their eyes is pink or white. The only reason I point this out is that it’s common with Aussies and with Boxers, among other breeds!

She looks like an absolute darling.

If you’re going to do obedience classes there are REALLY great trainers in the Ottawa area, and they have a lot of experience with dogs-with-special-needs. Try Kim Cooper (http://www.bfdogtraining.ca/ – tell her Valen’s mom sent you) in the East End, or the Training Hall ( http://www.thetraininghall.com/ ) in the West End!

I’m sure you’ll have a blast with Vegas!!!

Thanks everyone. And thanks to Elenfair for the links. We haven’t decided what we’re doing regarding classes.

We got her home last night around 5. She was soooo good in the car. She is VERY snuggly and affectionate.

Of course, she slept with us last night hehe.

The name she came with, Sophie, seems to suit her better than Vegas. So far she’s still Sophie (not like she can hear us call her anyway hehe)

Turns out she’s not 100% deaf. According to her vet tests, she is 90% hearing impaired and her vision is perfect.

Awwwwww! She’s adorable! I love boxers, they’re a gorgeous breed.
My own dogs a rescue dog, a 3 year old staffie. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

Bless you for taking a rescue. So many that need forever homes. When it’s time for me to get an OES, I will go the rescue route. A lot of white cats are deaf–does the same hold true for doggies?