Welcome to Adams County, home of the Fightin' Yokels.


It’s about fucking time. Some of you may have heard about the four-year controversy over putting stone monuments featuring the Ten Commandments, noted for such secular aphorisms as “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me,” in front of all the Adams County, Ohio, public high schools.

Well, after the inevitable court battle, accusations of satanism against the the local ACLU on talk radio, head scratching among people with half a brain, dumb yard signs, wooden phalluses, and hootin’ hollerin’ bible-thumpin’ blusterin’ bullshit, the inevitable occured, and the tablets were removed.

Bambino Jesus is no doubt weeping.

But that’s not the point of this post.

After all these thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours wasted, some idiot local who saw fit to haul her ass in to block the cranes from removing the monuments had this to say:

Then why THE FUCK don’t you send them to a private school?!?!?!?

Lord, have mercy.

But did she specify which god she wanted in the school… was it Jehovah, or was it Ganesh… Thor or Isis… and do they have appropriate catering facilities for the deity of her choice? Just like kids want a pet snake but don’t how to care for it, we must be careful before allowing parents to install a deity in their children’s learning institutions unless they have already demonstrated some knowledge about the proper care their deity requires… what if she worships Quetzacoatl… are there sufficient willing human sacrificies in this town to keep him happy?

It’s nice to know that things have not changed very much in Ohio–in 1948 as a six year old in Logan County I memorized the 23d Psalm along with 20 or 30 other first graders. I remember that I drew the Valley of the Shadow of Death in art period which much impressed Miss Yoder.

I don’t think that there is much question about “which” God the good citizens of Adams County want to be enshrined in the public school curriculum. Or which version of God, either.

Besides-even if you do remove the Ten Commandments-he’s GOD. If he wants to go in the school, I doubt anyone can stop him.

These people are so fucking stupid. I mean, if they truly believe in God, then why do they seem to think he’s this powerless dolt?

If God and prayer are important to a family, they should find some time at home to devote to religious practices. It would be so much more meaningful.

Does Ms. Smith permit her children to go to shoe stores and ice cream parlors without God in them?

I wonder how many private schools there are in Adams County. It’s a very poor county, maybe one of the poorest in Ohio (I’m searching for figures). I wonder how many people living there could afford to send their children to private schools.
No, I don’t advocate religious displays on public school property AT ALL, but I’m curious about the viable alternatives to public schools for Adams County residents who are that concerned about such things.

I’m still amazed so many people believe faith can’t exist without GREAT BIG FUCKING STONE MONUMENTS, ALTERS, CROSSES, AD INFINITUM.

I can understand a tight-knit community displaying something they believe in, but it bothers me that they are so close-minded as to not care about the faiths of others.

Ah, well.

Ah, as of 2000, Adams Co. had one non-public school with 165 students enrolled. Furthermore, it has a 17% poverty rate, the ninth-highest in Ohio (url goes to a PDF file). I doubt many people living there can send their children to private schools.

Wow, the news story linked in the OP (I avoided the TV story last night) really makes the protestors sound stupid. This gave me a chuckle:

Hee hee.

Funny you should mention this. Per the newspaper article linked below, the guy that sued to have the ten commandments monuments removed, Berry Baker, originally had “petitioned the school board to permit him to install 6-foot-tall statues of penises at the high schools”!

Link: http://libpub.dispatch.com/cgi-bin/documentv1?DBLIST=cd03&DOCNUM=25236&TERMV=5527:3:5530:12:41327:3:41330:12:77014:3:77017:12:128061:3:128064:12:163991:3:163994:12:189662:3:189665:12:

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Let me see if I have this right. This fried egghead believes that the stone monument is, in fact, God. She is worshipping an idol, inscribed upon which is a list of rules, the first of which is an admonition against worshipping idols.


Perhaps they need to put up a different set of commandments:

I. Thou shalt not be a fargin’ chowderhead

II. Thou shalt get over it

III. Thou shalt thinketh before opening thy pie hole

IV. Thou shalt refer back to ruleth oneth, repeatedethly. Ya bonehead.

Nasty lithsp–er, lisp-- you have there, tdn; have you seen a speech therapist?