Welcome to South Carolina...a nice place to pee.

Hey hey, we’ve got a fancy new rest area. Stop by and set a spell if you’re passing through.
Two I-20 facilities cost more than $14 million

It’s really fancy. It has:

Are you thinking they spent too much?

They spent more than a penny, that’s for sure.

How are pork futures down there?

You have to understand, that’s some pricey, desireable real estate they built on.

All of that pretty orange fencing must be expensive. :smiley: Actually, the dirt, and related land preparation seems to be the most expensive part of the project.

Can someone help me follow the logic of how nice rest areas will equate to more people visiting that county? You’ve got a trucker or a family driving along, and someone says “I gotta go!” so they stop at the rest area, do their business, maybe buy a can of pop, and off they go. Why would they then have any reason to stop elsewhere?

Hey, I have to pee a lot. I appreciate nice rest areas. Too bad these are going to be past where we get off of I-20 on our way to Beaufort, SC from Atlanta (we head down through the Bomb Plant).