Welcome to the Really Great SDMB Garden

Come into our yard and see what we’ve done with the landscape. In that corner, notice the beautiful Rose garden, filled with color (red, white, pink, yellow, purple)! We’re still putting everything together… do you have any birdbaths? Birds? Sod? Plants?

Noo… but I have a hand for growing sweetpeas, clematis, and moonflowers. That should cover the trellises nicely.

I’m willing to contribute a slightly used (virtual) wrought iron bird-stump used only by a bishop to the cause.


I have some hydrangeas. I’d be happy to share their cuttings. Please plant them on the north side. (I don’t know why, I suspect it’s just tradition.) They are a unusual family heirloom, they sort of have a ‘genealogy’. We live near Houston, Texas and they live in our yard on the north side of the house. They came to us from cuttings from my husbands parents home near Dallas, Texas where their progenitors also live on the north side of the house. The hydrangeas there came from cuttings from his fathers home, where they also lived on the north side of the house, in a tiny little college town in Arkansas somewhat south of Little Rock. I’m told the plants were cuttings from their parents as well, but have not seen the place myself.

I’ll also provide this little container of ladybugs. I love to explore a garden and see ladybugs.


P.S. I wonder if they will be pink or blue? (Yes, I know it depends on what nutrients are in the soil.)

I’m afraid I have a black thumb and can only care for silk plants. I can contribute one smallish toad and this mayonaise jar of freshly caught (and might I add, pretty frisky) fireflies. Hope they can add to the ambience.

I’ll donate a few hummingbirds, and some honeysuckle.
It’s always nice to have cute little birdies flitting about and honeysuckle smells nice.


I have a nice Green Man plaque to watch over all things that grow.

Lovely garden by the way.

(wiping hands on apron)

I do hope you all enjoy the koi pond I’ve put in.

And yes,

that is a sculpture of Cecil, standing like Neptune in the Trevi fountain.

I’m happy to plant an intertwined quadruple trunk tree of Myers lemon, Key lime, Clementine tangerine and Italian blood orange with a bed of lemon thyme, lemon grass, chives and garlic around the base.

I’ll be back with the layout for the herb garden in the morning. Maybe Javamaven will help.

I want to plant Audrey II.

“The guy sure looks like plant food to me! The guy sure looks like plant food to me!”

Um, which way is north, so I can set up the sundial? Lovely patina, don’t you think?

Dusting off wood carving tools.

No garden is complete without lawn trolls!

Cranky’s head whips around, eyes blazing
Sweet pea, Ginger?!? Did you say sweet pea?!?

  • Noticing the look in Cranky’s eye, Ginger begins backing up slowly…*

I’ve got this little sweet pea problem. Here, transplant this… * Cranky presents about 400 feet of freshly yanked-up sweet pea vine…in places it looks like it may have been pulled up by human teeth, but the others wisely decide not to ask*

That’s right, don’t ask. Someday I will have a pit thread about my plague of sweet pea vines, how they come back every year to humiliate me and mock me, but I need some more emotional distance before going into it. For the moment, it’s probably better than no one say “sweet pea” around me.

Now, back to the gardening at hand. I like the real pedestrian stuff. Daylillies, iris, shasta daisies, peonies, cosmos, zinnias. Give me the ol’ boring stuff any day. I’ve been having real bad luck with lisianthus, but would love to see a nice patch of it. Over in this corner, maybe? In front of the black-eyed susans?

Only for the Straight Dope, would I give up my hoard of evening scented stock. Gotta have something to add perfume to the evenings spent sipping margaritas on the terrace. Jasmine would be good, too, but that won’t grow anywhere within 1,000 miles of here. I feel grateful we get lilacs!

Remember what wonderful blooms you got in Yellowknife, Ginger? For about a week before frost? I live in Whitehorse… YOU understand what a monumental concession this is, don’t you?

I’ll contribute this direct-from-Michigan Ulster cherry tree. Not too tart…not too sweet…oh, dessert will be beautiful tonight!

Oh, I’ll also plant this heather and some butterfly bush. They’re my favorite plants on campus, so we might as well have some.

I don’t have much… it’s my Grandma’s garden and I help out sometimes but I don’t really have my own garden. -offers up some bleeding hearts and an apple tree- I always loved bleeding heart… I don’t know why… and apples are best when straight off the tree and just a little bit tart… mmm Oh yes and strawberries, rhubarb and raspberries… gardens are not gardens without any of them to eat as much as you pick for the pies -grins-

We-llll… I didn’t have a garden in YK last year, but I planted Mom’s this year before I left… She has the back of her house covered in sweet peas (sorry, Cranky), there’s statice, marigolds, snapdragons, petunias, phlox, blue flax… And it’s all growing quite nicely. Maybe YK is just nicer. I thought Whitehorse had a micro-climate, bein’ in the river valley?

No garden for me this year. I moved too late to put one in. I have wild poppies, and some edelweiss, though.

I can offer some NZ natives – maybe some hen-and-chicken ferns for beside that pond? Punga ferns to make a small dividing fenceline between the levels of the land? Or, how about some manuka? The leaves, so they say, make a great ‘bush tea’.

I’ll chuck in some beautiful and very old Moreton Bay fig trees to provide shade along the pathways… Really cool trees, but clean yer shoes later.

Just gotta figure out how to pinch them from the local park without a helicopter…