Welcome to zpirit

I’d like to welcome zpirit to the boards. She’s one of my oldest and dearest friends on IRC.

FTR, I didn’t invite her, but I posted a link to a thread in IRC, and she liked the SDMB so much she registered.

::bakes a plate of brownies and brings them over::


H’llo, zpirit!
::mixes up a couple batches of lemonade for all::


::offers warm, chewy cookies and warm, oiled, Milanese, not-chewy, 20-something male models::


Heya zpirit, welcome to the SDMB! Let me be the first to say:

How YOU doin’? :wink:

— G. Raven

You’d think that after 8 months here, I’d have the smilies thing down. :stuck_out_tongue: to me :).

Are we throwing a party? I’ve been waiting for a good party for a while. I’ll bring the soda. No, in the cooler! Get your hands off me! Sheesh! No, wait… Keep your hands on me… :smiley:

Welcome zpirit! Have fun!

Hi Ya’ll :slight_smile: My friend Robyn sent me here and it looks
like yer stuck with me…hehe…
I’m CeeCee and live in southern Florida…yes I can

Yay!! Another Floridian!!! Wheeee!!