Weldon Hill - know anything about him?

Anyone ever hear of an author named Weldon Hill? He wrote several novels that were made into movies. What I would like to find is a list of his published works somewhere. Thanks for any help.

page 2 already? wow! noone knows anything about him?

I just loved Weldon Hill’s Onionhead when I was a youngster. The movie didn’t do it justice.

A seach of the online Library of Congress catalog provides these titles:

Hunger Mountain 1955

Iceman 1976

Jefferson McGraw 1972

Lonesome traveler 1970

Long summer of George Adams 1961

Man could get killed that way 1967

One of the casualties 1964

Onionhead 1957

Rafe 1966

Weldon Hill was the pseudonym of native Oklahoman William Ralph Scott (born May 19, 1918, died Feb. 22, 1992).
I don’t think he ever published under his real name.

Many of Weldon Hill’s books are listed on Amazon.

He is the author of
Onion head
Jefferson Mcgraw
Lonesome Traveler
A Man Could get Killed That Way
The Long Summer of George Adams
One of The Casualties