Well, bless my doggie!

Long Form Qestion

You’re sitting in your favorite chair, eating Cheez Doodles, listening to They Might Be Giants, and re-reading your favorite Terry Pratchett tome. (You just don’t see that word enough anymore “tome”) Without warning, Goetta, your ever-faithful dog/cat/weasel (I mean ferret) sneezes. This is probably from inhaling more than the recommended daily allowance of Doodle cheese-dust, but that’s not important now.

Do you…
A) Say “bless you” because it’s just polite to say that when someone sneezes.
2. Go “aaarggghh!!” because now you have a huge track of pet-mucous covering your favorite pair of three-day-pants.*
III. Other.

What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

Short Form Question

Dog sneeze- “bless you”- yes/no/other

*Three-day-pants, for those who don’t know, are those pants that are so comfortable (and make your butt look good) that you normally wouldn’t even think of washing them until you’ve worn them for at least three days.

I only say “bless you” to humans.

Thanks for the welcome Carina42.

My very first reply. I’m giddy.

“only humans” though…
I just sort of knee-jerk “bless you” and worry about whose on the receiving end later. But that’s just me.

I’d tend to say “bless you”. After all, don’t dogs have feelings too? The least we could do for them is give them back their dignity. Dogs are people too you know. :wink:

Oooh, which reminds me … have you ever accidentally walked into a lamp post and automatically gone “oops, sorry”?

[sup]No? Oh, me neither.[/sup] :frowning:

I say “bless you” to my dog, just because it’s polite. Every time I say it, though, I think to myself, “Boy, that’s pretty stupid. You don’t believe in god and she doesn’t speak English.”

I say “Gesundheit”.

But then, I have a German Shepherd.

I say “Gesundheit!” I also reach for the kleenex in the hope that the livestock snot on my trousers hasn’t taken up semi-permanent residence.


I say, “Bless you,” of course.

Credentials? (like it matters) :rolleyes: I was a breeder/owner of Great Danes for 20 years. And yes, that’s a German breed, but my dogs’ ancestors had been in this country for about 14 generations, so they didn’t know German. :wink: Besides, I also had Salukis for a spell in there, and I don’t know how to say it in Arabic.