Well done Amazon!

I ordered a CD (Puccini’s opera La Rondine) on Tuesday afternoon and it’s just been delivered to my office here in Sydney on Friday afternoon. That’s extremely good service.

Dayum! What shipping did you order? Even when I was living in Sydney, it still cost me $20-odd just to get the gorram 11-20 day shipping option, or whatever it is.

Shipping costs are the main reason I don’t shop at Amazon if I can avoid it.

The middle of the three options. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. Faster than the 3 week postage but not the “super express” version. It looks like I got the super express delivery anyway - just in time for the weekend. :slight_smile:

Nice. I can just never bring myself to pay more for shipping than I would for the original order…

I’ve gotta save up a few “I wants” and do it all in one big batch.

They’ve been pretty awesome for me lately, as well. My mother ordered “a few things” for my birthday (which is June 7) on Monday, figuring if she ordered it now, it should have plenty of time to get here.

Technically, it showed up two days ago, but I missed the UPS guy twice (they never, ever fail to come the moment I am immersed blissfully and peacefully in a bubble bath! And since they only knock once and immediately start filling out the “sorry we missed you” paper, there’s no time to grab my housecoat and rush to the door - argh. So I’ve gotten used to blissfully ignoring them… and then I missed them yesterday because I was out shopping - I said to my husband "Watch and see… I think they sit around the corner and just wait for me to slip into the bath or step out - then jump on our porch, scribble the “missed you” note, and drive off, laughing gleefully - “Ha Ha Haaa! Got one over on Stasia yet again! It’s just so easy!” But I digress…) So finally, I got it today, only by making sure I was camping out on my sofa, which is by the front door, comfy with a book and some coffee. The knock came and I practically barrelled the driver over, I swung the door open so fast. (No, it wasn’t the same guy.) It was a woman this time, and lo and behold, she had the little “Sorry we missed you” slip out already, and was starting to fill it out before the screen door had even closed. Grr. Gimme my present!

What was I saying? Oh, yeah, Amazon delivered the package to me within 24 hours of my mother ordering it! And she certainly didn’t pay for fast shipping - that was the whole point of ordering my gift a couple weeks ahead of time.

Now I have a box I’m not allowed to peek in. Phooey.

I only occasionaly get that kind of service from them. It used to be much more common. I only order things that say “usually shipped in 24 hours.” But I usually find that shipping takes a few days and of course delivery varies from a few days after that to sometimes a full week.

Recently ordered a money belt for my wife who was going to fly to Japan, about three weeks in advance of her departure. It clearly stated “usually ships in 24 hours,” or whatever.

A week passed and it had not shipped, so tried to cancel it, but got message that it “was in the works” or something, so could not.

Finally emailed them indicating my displeasure. They wrote back that if it arrived too late, just to write “Refused, return to sender” and I would not then have to pay for return postage.

Finally got an email that it had been shipped about five days before her departure. Even though it was part of a free-shipping, ground service, it arrived two days later by overnight shipping at no extra cost. I was astonished.

That’s some timely service, but did they send you a nice note like CDBaby does:

"Your CDs have been gently taken from our CD Baby shelves with
sterilized contamination-free gloves and placed onto a satin pillow.

A team of 50 employees inspected your CDs and polished them to make
sure they were in the best possible condition before mailing.

Our packing specialist from Japan lit a candle and a hush fell over
the crowd as he put your CDs into the finest gold-lined box that
money can buy.

We all had a wonderful celebration afterwards and the whole party
marched down the street to the post office where the entire town of
Portland waved ‘Bon Voyage!’ to your package, on its way to you, in
our private CD Baby jet on this day, Saturday, May 20th.

I hope you had a wonderful time shopping at CD Baby. We sure did.
Your picture is on our wall as “Customer of the Year”. We’re all
exhausted but can’t wait for you to come back to CDBABY.COM!!
Thank you once again,

Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby"