Well done USA

for your first ever win at the Rugby World Cup.

Now if you stop playing that ridiculous American Football and start concentrating on Rugby, you should make the quarter finals in 2007.


Well done, you blokes :smiley:

At least your second win, by the look of that link. Now how’s your cricket coming along?

We have a Rugby team? Wow, cool!:wink:

I haven’t seen our cricket since he was in Pinocchio. Has Disney retired Jiminy?

I guess I was asking for that one. :smiley:

and the crowd goes wild! yes rugby mania is sweeping the country, reminscent of the frenzy when team usa managed to win a few in the soccer world cup!

you wouldn’t believe the celebrations in every sleepy little burg from coast to coast. its unbelievable! every house is decorated with the red white and blue and every small child wants to wear rugby gear for halloween!

Kinda like “World Series” baseball, eh?

If by some bizarre turn of events they beat France on Friday I bet it will be headline news. Or has the whole anti-France thing died away?

I’m not even sure the average American knows what Rugby is. Is there some sort of ball involved or something? :slight_smile:

Wooo! We beat Japan. Isn’t that like beating Girl Scouts?

Forget it. I’ll not follow any sport that doesn’t encourage drinking prodigious quantities of beer.

Considering how a number of Central and South American countries as well as Japan were represented by players in the World Series, I think that’s a perfectly legitimate name.

And Go Eagles!

Rugby, like American Football, is a game played by gentlemen with oddly shaped balls.

Rugby fans, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that an important part of watching the game? I mean, the game just seems to call out for it!

As opposed to cricket which calls out for, oh, I don’t know … quaaludes?

I like rugby.

Like football, only more vicious and with less padding. :wink:

And to think I opened this thread expecting a sarcastic slam at the US, based simply on the thread title.

We won a rugby match?

This is just more evidence that the terrorists hate the idea of a free society and will do anything to undermine it. Give me some time and I’ll put enough spin on this to make it sound plausible.

12th place in the last ICC Trophy competition. There was a distressing lack of quality slow bowling. waves frantically at the selection committee

Ah, on second thought, I’m far too young to make the US national cricket team. I think I’m going to have to wait until I’m 50. (I joke only slightly. The US captain, Faoud Bacchus–yep, the same man who used to play for the West Indies–is over 50 himself.)

Still, hope springs eternal for the US cricket team. Wait a minute, what am I saying? The US national cricket selection committee is so riven by racial politics and personal animosity I’d be surprised they could pick a team to beat the South Western Yorkshire 2nd One-Legged XI. You can read all about the whole sorry tale here.

More like one group of Girl Scouts beating another group of Girl Scouts. :wink:

Seriously though, I must add my hearty congratulations. Well done.

I saw exactly one rugby match back in college. A guy I was dating took me to the Med Students vs. the Law Students match. I have no idea who won, but I’m still traumatized at the sight of them scrumming, or slumming, or whatever it was they were doing. It resembled a caterpillar in the final throes of a syphilitic death.


Back in my college days, there was a bumper sticker popular among the rugby players/fans which said “RUGBY PLAYERS EAT THEIR DEAD”.

Some early PC dweeb wrote a letter to the college paper complaining that the bumper sticker was potentially offensive to the survivors of the Andes crash (which was about that time), and so should not be displayed.