Well, I likely have cancer [update: no, I don't]

Asimovian, have you had the CT scan yet, or is it tomorrow? Hoping it was today so you might get results from your doc before the weekend.

I think research is important, and Dr. Google is fine IF you stick to medical journal articles and the occasional site you really trust not to exaggerate. That’s what I did when I got the cancer diagnosis, and I learned a lot. I also found online cancer-specific support groups helpful in ways docs and medical journals can’t be.

Please let us know when you get a surgery date.

Going in Tuesday, but this is essentially considered an out-patient procedure, not complex surgery, despite its invasiveness. The operation itself is supposed to take roughly an hour, with maybe two to three hours of recovery time and checking to make sure everything that’s supposed to work still works before they send me home.

Actually, I’ve had a number of questions come up during the week (since I wasn’t aware I was going to have surgery when I met him on Monday, I really wasn’t prepared to ask intelligent things at the time). He called me early this morning, and I was able to chat with him and get those questions answered. I feel as good about it as I can under the circumstances.

The CT scan is actually later this afternoon. In talking with my doctor this morning, he said that if he got the images in time, he’d try to call me this afternoon/evening to discuss, but it may not be until Monday morning.

On the positive side, he said that my blood tests came back with normal levels of markers. Essentially, this means that I’m likely to have seminoma, which is the “preferable” type of testicular cancer to have in that it allows for more treatment options and is easiest to cure (assuming it is still Stage I).

I think I over-Googled yesterday and got myself unpleasantly wound up. Even sticking to journals and reputable sources, there can be such a thing as too much info when you’re in the middle of something. I was not having a good day yesterday. I will try to behave myself today.

Surgery is on Tuesday.

I just went through the surgery in July. Getting ready to start chemo, s my markers have actually gone up since surgery.

I was in the surgery center for about 4 hours, total. That included check-in, paperwork, etc.

As for recovery, the first two days were excruciating, but by day three I was up and about and no longer taking the pain meds. The pain was all from the incision, btw.

Feel free to pm me of you have questions.
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Minor update: CT scan is completed, and the doctor’s office called to say there’s no evidence of any spreading of the cancer in the images.

Onward with the surgery!

Great news!

Totally off the subject:

Asimovian, if you’re going to have Robocop as an avatar, you really need the sig line, “Stay out of trouble.” Think about it.


Great news, and I’m so glad you got it today so you don’t wonder all weekend!

golly. I would have thought you’d at least be kept in for a couple of days.

It’s fabulous that there are no markers, and nothing on the ct scan. You really have been very lucky to have found this so early in the circumstances. You should thank your other ball for having that suspicious lump. :smiley:

I had kidney cancer (at MUCH too early an age, I felt) and the only indication was a single hematuria occurrence (blood in urine).

Early detection is important. If something abnormal happens, get it checked. Lump, orange pee, pain that doesn’t go away, whatever.

I have one chest x-ray to go (is that where kidney cancer usually spreads?) and will be done with worrying about this one.

The hospitals are getting better and better at this. Good luck to OP and anyone else possibly afflicted!

I appreciate all of the insights and well-wishes in this thread for Asimovian. The real question is whether he can survive me as a caregiver. After all, my first husband didn’t make it out alive…

Asimovian best of luck on the surgery! I just saw this thread and was almost afraid to open it. I’m glad the news inside is, relatively, hopeful.

Hang in there, Asmovian! Cancer is always a big, scary deal, but not by any means a death sentence. Glad you caught it in time, and hope your ballectomy goes well. Could be worse; you at least won’t have to wear the Cone Of Shame afterwards.:smiley:

Sez who?

I’m rooting for you! (Not the Aussie term of rooting, the American one) :smiley: (Well, unless that’s the one you prefer.)

Are you a person? I had a cat called Wonky, and given your avatar… :smiley:

Best of luck for tomorrow, Asimovian.

The news sounds good, or at least as good as it could be. Keep us posted!

I’ve had ultrasound on my heart, once, and legs a couple times looking for circulatory issues. I would joke that if the tech turns pale and dashes from the room for a doctor, you’ve got problems.

Heh, heh.

You can beat this; sending positive thoughts your way.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow, Asimovian, and best wishes for a smooth recovery!

Well Asmovian, that’s why god gave us two of them. :wink: I’d be sorely tempted to write on my lower stomach in sharpie “not the one with the lump!”. Good luck tomorrow.