Well, I'd LIKE to be sympathetic, but....

I dunno, going into the Komodo dragon cage while ** barefoot** strikes me as one of those things that don’t fit under the heading of “it seemed like a good idea at the time…”

But it will allow millions to fantasize about his wife tending to his injury…

Okay, so they thought the white tennis shoes might be confused with rats, but not his white feet? Someone should have had a clue. Especially if he has hairy feet . . .

Without having read the link, I would just like to say that this sounds more like a Darwin Award sort of situation.

Can’t tell which foot was dragon chow, but is the Chronc going to be more left leaning now? :smiley:


Zenster do yourself a favor and read the link. The man involved is married to Sharon Stone, the actress (who was smart enough to stay out of the cage). Yea, **Kallessa ** I saw the bit about 'oh, let’s take off your shoes, they make your feet look too much like food. It does lead one to wonder what might have been the ‘tail’, too.

Let’s see a dragon can get, what 15 feet long or more? And you want to go into the cage with it? WTF for??? Its big, its a lizard, and it can get cranky, and like the bumper sticker says, “Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.” From what I remember, though, dude’s fun days are just begining, as the dragon’s bite is supposed to lead to some rather nasty infections as its primary diet is rotting meat. Dumbass is going to be in a lot of pain for a very long time, I think.


Married to Sharon Stone, huh? My guess is the dragon chomped his foot because that’s all the guy had left dangling. :eek:

Hey, waitta minute… this news story, THIS thread - that’s it, Persephone is really Sharon Stone! :smiley:

Rats. You found me out. :smiley:

The saliva of a Komodo dragon is loaded with all kinds of nasty bacteria. In their natural habitat they bite large game and then wait for the toxins to take effect and kill the animal. They then stroll up and commence their meal.

Ha ha!

He was pretty lucky; probably just a half-hearted effort from the big lizard. I’m reminded of the occasional stories of tourists climbing into the polar bear pen at various zoos and getting mauled to death as a result.

I don’t know why, but this part really cracks me up. How does one go about getting a private tour of a kimono dragon? Is it like a groovy party scene every Saturday night at the reptile house at the zoo? That was quite a tip he left there.

I think a quotation from Douglas Adams about Komodo Dragons is appropriate here:
“One is over twelve feet long and stands about a yard high, which you can’t help but feel is entirely the wrong size for a lizard to be.”
From “Last Chance to See”

I imagine the only way to see a kimono dragon would be to find cross-dressing geisha!

::Ralf d&r:: :smiley:

Talk about your man-eaters!

At least they have the courtesy not to blame the zoo folks for agreeing to let him inside the dragon’s cage.

And yet I wonder how often zoos agree to requests like this?

From http://www.latimes.com/print/metro/20010611/t000048729.html

“Zoo spokeswoman Lora LaMarca said she did not believe any zoo spectators, besides Stone, saw the attack.
     “It all happened very quickly,” she said.
     LaMarca said the zoo often arranges private, behind-the-scene tours for donors and celebrities. Some are allowed to enter the cages.
     But LaMarca said the zoo does not permit people to get close to animals it suspects might be dangerous, such as tigers.”

The private party in the komodo dragon cage was a theme affair, you see.

This is the second time in two weeks I’ve typed something really stupid here at the Dope. You guys don’t give nobody no kinda breaks!

Nah, I love typos. Where else could I make jokes about geishas? NPR.org? I don’t think so…

Did that last paragraph remind anyone else of Bob and Ray?