Well if this is the first assault of "The Beast," I'm seriously underwhelmed.

Sorry I don’t have a link, but. . .

I was in a pharmacy this morning, waiting to get a muscle relaxer prescription for the Tuckerette, who took a big spill from a horse yesterday, and. . .

What do I see on the shelf, but 666 Cold Caplets. And it’s a registered trademark, so if it’s not a sign of The Beast, he’s going to have a legal battle on his hands when he does show up.

Coming up next on Fox! “The Devil’s Advocate”! Watch as Satan’s lawyers go up against GeneriCorp’s laywers in the titanium-reinforced Cage of Doom! It’s the intellectual-property grudge-match of the century!!!

There’s a 666 Cough Syrup too – I used to have some. The label describes it as “penetrating” and “soothing,” for what it’s worth.

These cold caplets are very old brand. I think they were first sold in 666 CE.