Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

If my sister buys a monkey.

Your sister would give birth to the monkey or at least adopt it.
Your sister having a monkey isn’t totally impossible. After all, Mary had a little lamb.

That’s nothing, my dog had fleas. CAN YOU DIG IT?

Feh. My dog has no nose.

But… but… how does he smell?


I should have seen that one coming.

Did I miss the memo about making MPSIMS more mundane and pointless?

Is it brass?

A munkle?

Oh, don’t be silly! Whoever heard of a brass munkle!

Mary had a little sheep
And with the sheep
She went to sleep
The sheep turned out
To be a ram
Mary had a little lamb.

That’s just horrid.

O-ka-a-a-y, how about:

Mary had a little lamb
I’m sure you’ve heard before
But did you hear she passed her plate
And asked for a little more?


Within 15 replies, we’ve got horrible puns, dirty poetry, and bestiality.

Sounds like the right type of thread for a Friday morning.

Mary had a little lamb,
A lobster and some prunes;
A little pie, a little milk
With chocolate macaroons.

It made the snooty waiters laugh
To see her order so,
And when they carried Mary out
Her face was white as snow

[sup]Since someone started…[/sup]

I knew a Mary got a monkey
I thought you ought to know.

From then on her apartment stunkey
Okay…okay…I’ll go.

Mary had a little lamb
… so her father shot the shepherd.

Mary had a little lamb
His feet were black as soot
And everywhere that Mary went
His sooty foot he put