Well, I'm being financially extorted

Somehow, someone has gotten ahold of my email address and after months of niceties is now trolling me for money.

This started back in June, but she’s picked up her story now. She now lives in California, her mom in the UK is suddenly sick.

She needs $800 to save her mom. I’ve been responding and hinting I may help.

I’ve been dragging this along. Ha ha!

OK. This is getting funny! :slight_smile:

You should make up a disaster of your own and tell her how poor you are. You may even need a bit of cash to get by. Sob story. :wink:

You have to share the emails with us!

This is what happens when you reply to spam email is a very entertaining 2015 TED Talk by James Vetch.

I look forward to Leaffan’s SDMB Posts about his experience!

I love the way you think!

Loved that Bo. Thanks! :smiley:

Oh, you tease. It isn’t really extortion, is it? More like pleading.

I told her I didn’t know how to use PayPal because our banks are different in Canada.

She suggested Money Gram.

I told her I’d look into it and get back tomorrow.

I’m going to drag this on forever. :smiley:

I think you should really (not really) send her a bunch of money and then express confusion and amazement at how it hasn’t come through.

Checkbox, Delete

Maybe held by the Bank of Canada for tax reasons, or held up by the Trump administration due to the new trade agreement or tarrifs!

Ya. That’s it. I’m going to ask for an account and blame it on Trump!

Thank god for the NHS.

You could send her the money in iTunes gift cards, but you’ve been told that they won’t work in the U.S., because the Canadian ones are all metric.

Is the scammer aware of how healthcare works in the UK? I’m not aware of anyone being refused life-saving treatment that costs $800.

I realise I’m treating this with a seriousness it doesn’t deserve and that facts won’t change things but it might be a little nugget worth holding in reserve for later in your fun and games.

I’d be tempted to claim you sent the money (without actually sending any) and then just not reply to any message for a couple of days. When you get back, send a message that you were detained for questioning regarding suspected money laundering and tax evasion. All your financial records and communications are being investigated for potential wrongdoing on your part. Tell your friend that if the investigators contact her then she should cooperate fully.

I totally vote for this strategy.

Tell her you want to send her $300, but that she needs to send you a $50 ‘processing fee’ first.

For the Win!

Scan some cash and email the picture as an attachment.

That’s how you send money electronically, right?