Well, I'm gambling now. Just closed on a condo.

After seven or so years of renting, I finally bought something.

It’s a condo. Nothing too special. But the price was right. Very right.

This is under the very real threat of being laid off any day now. F this economy.

But I’m gambler, so I suppose this is the real-estate version of “I’m all in.”

/has had several nightmares about being laid off

//still shaking

///who the deuce am I to be a “home-owner”?

Congratulations. Let’s hope that your nightmare doesn’t happen.

I bought a condo some years ago after renting it for a while.

At the time, the interest rates were ridiculously low, and I thought to myself, “I really should have bought something bigger.”

Now, I’m really REALLY glad I bought a modest place that I could afford. Also, I hear confliciting things about condo resale values. For a while I heard they were harder to re-sell, but now I’m hearing many people may desire smaller abodes because of the economy, so their value will go up.

I don’t care though. Being that I find financial and mortgage transactions evil, I plan to die here.