Well, I'm off to the GREs

Wish me luck. Nerves are kicking in.

Thank goodness I took the whole day as a vacation day so I have time to destress before going into the office tomorrow.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Good luck! Let us know how you did!

And chill.

Whew, glad that’s over. And now I’m really glad I took the whole day as vacation.

Anyway, verbal - 660, Quantitative - 620, Analytical - 730. Not bad for only deciding to take it 10 days ago.

What exactly is a GRE?

Not bad indeed, congratulations. The GRE is the Graduate Record Exam, the general test you take to get into grad school for the liberal arts and sciences. It’s sort of the SAT on steroids.

Cool, thanks for the info, and congrats Lsura!