Well-known actors/actresses that have retired.

So I was thinking about Rick Moranis earlier today and realized that I hadn’t seen him in a movie (on-screen) for awhile.
Turns out he retired from acting back in 1997 (save for doing some voice work).

And that got me thinking of other well-known (I’m defining “well-known” as: Most people would have heard of their names, if mentioned) actors and actresses who’ve retired.
Didn’t Paul Newman, in his last years, say he wasn’t going to make any more films?
And, of course, one of the most famous examples I’d list is that of Greta Garbo. Who made movies for a decade or two and then quit it cold turkey.

Any other instances of a celebrity retiring and actually doing it?

Sean Connery retired, more or less, after League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, released in 2003.

Louise Brooks

I read that Gene Hackman has said he’s retired from acting. According to IMDB his last movie was about 5-6 years ago.

Gene Hackman

Edit: Was beaten.

Phoebe Cates

Michelle Meyrink

10 roles between 1983 and 1988, then just retired and hasn’t looked back.
Last heard from living happily in British Columbia.

Still won’t answer my calls. Darned protection order.

James Cagney retired in 1960, but returned to do Ragtime in 1980. It took a lot of persuasion for him to take the role; he was happy on his farm.

Grace Kelly retired after her marriage and never returned to films. Her husband must have been a real prince.

Deanna Durbin retired at age 27, after a very successful 13-year career. She is still living in France, and has only given one interview in the past 60-plus years.

According to her Wikipedia page, Meg Tilly retired from acting in 1995.

Cary Grant is one of the best examples. Hs last movie was in 1966, 20 years before he died in 1986.

Clint Eastwood said Gran Torino was his last acting role but he will still direct.

Raymond Griffith was one of the great stars of the silent days, a comedian who is often ranked just below the Big Four (Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, and Langdon). He retired as soon as sound came in because of his speaking voice (he had wrecked his vocal chords while performing on stage and could not speak above a whisper). He appeared in one sound film (All Quiet on the Western Front), where he was not required to speak above a whisper, then went into producing.

Though, he’s still doing voiceover work for ads for Lowe’s.

I don’t blame him. He had turned down some major parts in big films and he finally accepted the next big thing he was offered…and it was that crapola.

Doris Day has led a life of leisure since the end of her series.

Dunno how I forgot Shirley Temple Black. Retired from movies decades ago.

Harry Morgan retired in 1999; I believe he’s in a nursing home.

I thought Peter Falk had retired some year ago, but was in projects as recently as last year.

Kristy McNichol.

That last movie must have been filmed in 2007 or 2008, but released in 2009. According to IMDB,

Sad news.