Well, Lynn, how's the bookstore doing?

And how are Simon and Shulster handling their newfound fame? What with the age of the other thread and the change of topic, I figured I’d ask my question here. Isn’t this the correct forum for artsy-fartsy topics? :wink:
I was following your thread with some interest, and thought of it today. So I searched to find it, and saw there hadn’t been a post since the end of July.
We’re through the holidays, which can be a telling time for any business, and I’m wondering how things are going. I know you’re totally settled in by now. :wink:
Do you have an online store? A website? Pictures?

Just because it’s about a bookstore, doesn’t mean it belongs in Cafe Society. I’m moving this to MPSIMS.

The deal fell apart, for many reasons. First, the owner farted around for several months deciding on how much he’d sell the business for. I couldn’t do ANYTHING until he had made up his mind. He finally set a price in October. Then the manager, who had planned to be with the shop for at least another couple of years, got a fantastic job offer in another state. It pays three or four times what she was making at the shop, and it has benefits, too. Then, my daughter got a job offer (finally!) worthy of her college degree. Between all this and the difficulty of finding funding, I just decided not to even try to buy the shop. I’d need either the manager or my daughter with me for a couple of years, and I was hoping to have both of them, to teach me the business. I’m not so foolish as to think that I could just buy the shop and immediately start running it without some advice.

I can’t be very bitter about my daughter and the manager finding new jobs, because they ARE great jobs for these two women. But it sure as hell screwed up all my plans.

On the plus side, had the deal closed quickly, you would have likely still lost the help of the manager and your daughter, and you’d be floundering. Or, perhaps worse, these two women might have turned down great jobs out of some obligation to you.

Sorry it didn’t work out, sounded like fun.

Very sensible post. Who would have thunk?

Oops sorry, not you Dangerosa but your sentiment about how things can work out.

Bummer. But there’s a silver lining as others have mentioned.
Have you thought about going to work for the new owners? You have a good plan, ans coupled with experience you’d be ready next time an opportunity presented itself. Many new owners of a business change their minds down the road, and there you’d be.
Call me Pollyanna. :wink: