Well, shit.

Just a little background information: I work as a Technical Analyst (read: Tech Support) for Company 1. The company who has the contract is Company 2 and their staffing company is Company 3. I have worked there for 10 months.

Now we found out on Tuesday that Company 1 has canceled Company 2 contract and 200 people will be out of work. This is pretty bad, but it’s business. It happens. This will happen July 1st.

Now, Company 2 does hire people from the staffing company and makes them permanent. Quite a few friends that I work with are Company 2 employees.

I, however, am not. The CEO of Company 2 came out on Tuesday and said that “No Company 2 employee will get a severence check. We will place them all in other contracts.” Yes, you got that right. robgruver will be out of a job July 1st (and 5 days before my birthday mind you), but here is the real pisser. Each month a group of employees are chose to be on “The List” (TL from here on) for Company 2 employment. For the last two months I have been on TL and haven’t been hired, and freeze has been placed on hiring people from the Company 1 contract. Why, I don’t know, but I have my theories.

  1. Management knew that the contract was going to end, and because they have to place ALL of the Company 2 employees decided against hiring anyone else.
  2. Someone doesn’t like me.
  3. Hi Opal!

I am not going to [Jay]cry like a bitch with a skinned knee[/Jay], but this sucks. I have formed relationships with the people that I work with. We go through hell everyday (and anyone who says Tech Support is not hell can go fuck themselves) together and go out for beers afterwards.

[whiny part]
So go fuck yourselves. You didn’t want to hire me when I deserved it, and now I will prolly have to go back to some fucked up McJob somewhere to take care of my family.

You are breaking off a technical relationship that is top notch between the employees. We kill ourselves for you, and what do you do? Break us up or send us packing.

This was the first job I truly loved. The first one where when I got up I was happy to go to work. The first one where I actually wanted to move up and do my best for the company and our customers. I (and we for that matter) bust our balls constantly for you coming up with new solutions to your fucked up problems.
[/whiny part]

Now you have started firing people (not me… yet). Attendance problems result in immediate firing which includes the best tech you ever thought you could have when his grandmother died! Thats an attendance problem because “She is not a immediate family member.” Fuck you, you cock gobbling goat felching munging sons-of-cum-guzzling-whores. You people are nothing more than the afterbirth of a lesbian clusterfuck. You sicken me with your fucked up corporate attitudes, and your complete disrespect for your employees who have worked so hard for you.

I want nothing more than to rip your nuts off with my teeth and snowball them in your mouth. I see you walking around the floor and I vision what your entrails would look like hanging from my wall and what your heart would taste like. I want to ass punch you until you are a writing mass of pain and suffering. I want to ruin you.

You know what I will do… Wait for July 1st in fear, and hope that I can get onto another contract. I am such a pussy.


You have my deepest sympathies. Really. I rate the rant at a 9.2.

This sounds suspiciously like the company in PA that I worked for. We all got along famously, worked like horses, and really did a good job.

Then, the powers-that-be decided they weren’t making enough money and sold the billing operation to a third-party billing company in Philadelphia. Our salaries were left alone (thank goodness), but our benefits were cut drastically. Stuff we used to do, like our own coding, went out the window; given to an ex-rad tech who got into coding because she couldn’t hack it as a rad tech. Stuff got denied because of her coding, which meant more work for us to get this stuff re-coded and re-billed, not to mention dealing with angry patients, some of whom had been coming to us for years, because their claims were denied where they weren’t before. And so on. Many good people, including both our supervisors, left the company. The office manager left after almost thirty years.

Then, not long after I moved to Minnesota, I found out that the company went out of business. The fact that I can’t find anyone associated with the company has hurt my chances of employment because I can’t provide a reference from a supervisor, nor can I offer proof of employment other than Social Security records. If I hadn’t been there so long, I’d leave it off my resume altogether.