Well, Simetra and Lodi are nice guys.

I just got back from a beer/pool fest with Simetra, Lodi, and a friend of theirs. I must say I’m impressed. They are truly nice guys, and we seemed to have quite a bit to talk about (however, that could have been the beer.) :slight_smile: I didn’t exactly cover myself in billiard glory, but I didn’t whack myself in the groin with the pool cue, either. I think the evening can be comfortably called a success.

I’m now looking forward, more than ever, to the BamaDope event to be held day after tomorrow in Tuscaloosa. If tonight was any indicator, it should be a hell of a lot of fun.

Thanks, guys. We should do it again.

Ogre rocks the house, yo. <flashy pose> But he failed to mention how straight drop-dead sexy us Air Force programmers are. :smiley:

Anyway, I had a blast, even if none of us reveled in any pool glory. ((read: I couldn’t cut for s*** last night.)) Which could’ve been due to the fact that I couldn’t find my beer when I had it in my left hand. ((read: I was more than just a little tipsy.)) Oh well, it was schway, and Ogre’s a cool guy. You’d be suprised how unnoticeable his superfluous third ear is. :wink:

[sub]Merely a fanciful jest. Anyone that knows who Robert Asprin is, and drinks Bass is A-OK in my book.[/sub]