Well-tempered classical repertoire performed 'justly'

I am wondering if there are any recordings of reasonably famous works from the western classical repertoire which were composed for well-tempered tuning, but performed on the same instrument(s) tuned according to pythagorean or just or any other unconventional tuning method.

I’m no expert in this area, but given that a lot of stuff from the classical era spans multiple octave and has key changes, wouldn’t that make just intonation kinda impossible?

I presume you mean even-tempered, i.e. the familiar piano tuning, rather than well-tempered, which is not the same thing. Even temperament only became standardised in the 19th century, and while I’m no great audiophile, nor an expert in tuning systems or historical performance, I’d assume that there’s substantial numbers of recordings of familiar classical pieces which work outside of the equal-tempered system.

True. I guess that rules out acoustic instruments. Maybe, performances by electronic means.

I sourced ‘well-tempered’ from the title of the Bach set of pieces. But after checking from Wikipedia, I see you’re right.

In any case, I am looking for recordings, especially but not only solo piano pieces, originally intended for even-tempered sonorities.