Well, that was a little stressful

Uh-oh, poor communications skills; is hypercritical of coworkers. Not a team player.

If you’ve been working steadily for 5-10 years, you shouldn’t be worried about a three month gap in your resume from way back when, for whatever reason, including a job you don’t care to list. Hell, tell them you took a couple of months off to learn finger painting, or tend to your now dead grandmother. Really doesn’t matter, it’s none of their damned business why you took the time off. (or are otherwise covering that hole)

Had a job like that back in the day (and have told this story here before several times). Hired to be a contracted project manager for a major software implementation. First day I discover that I am actually the SIXTH person hired with that promise, and everyone is basically just a programmer in a company with one manager for 60 contractors and zero managerial direction or oversight. Was given zero work to do. After a month I complained to my company about it. I was brought in to our office, yelled at, insulted and put on probation. Company I was on contract to was mystified, but actually assigned me to develop the project plan. Meanwhile, I found another job. Handed in project plan, people raved about how good it was, put in my notice. Never spoke another word to that asshole boss ever again.

Best part was that, one year later, I was contacted by a recruiter and asked if I would be willing to go back and help rebuild that consulting firm, because asshole owner and his asshole manager had completely destroyed it in that time. I told him the story about what had happened to me, saying I had no interest in ever seeing that bastard again, let alone working for him. Recruiter sighed and said he’d heard that sort of thing a lot and regretted taking the job because he now believed the company was unsalvagable due to asshole owner.

Karma, baby! Sometimes it’s a bitch, sometimes it’s a thing of beauty.