Well that's a useless dog

Can’t even keep the raccoons away

I bet that dog would beg for belly rubs from robbers.

Laughing at the pic. I used to keep the cat food in the bathroom, less than 5 feet from the bed that my 2 cats graciously allowed me to share. I found out I had mice. How did I find out, you ask? It was because of the mice dookies in the catfood bowl!

They’re obviously working you as a team. “Useless,” but clearly a sly operator.

“Help, I’m cold and there are raccoons after me.”

Mice can be a risk with indoor/outdoor cats. Sometimes, the cat will catch a mouse outside, and bring it inside to play with, but then not play quite thoroughly enough, and the mouse ends up getting away inside the house.

Sadly, that’s not my dog. It’s a pic I found on Reddit. I just thought it was funny.

My cats don’t get to go outside. It was a cheap apartment in a poor neighborhood. I set a humane trap and caught many mice. The first time I caught one, I showed the trap to the cats, saying “I shouldn’t be doing this, this is YOUR job”. The mouse squeeked and the big cat ran off and hid under the bed.

My cats are great mousers, why just the other night one brought his fresh kill into bed with me to play with it. Be careful what you wish for. So far, no raccoons though.

“And to think of all the time and money we spent training that damn raccoon to keep the dogs away!”

Raccoon: “OK, here’s the plan. I open the door, you go for his throat! Then we split the loot fifty/fifty. Your fangs, my hands, we’re going places kid.”

Huh. I would have thought just the smell of cats would keep the mice out of an apartment. Must have been a rude infestation.

“Can you let me and my new friend in now, please?”

Nope. Mice like to live dangerously. Apparently, so do raccoons.

“What?” (from both of them, but for different reasons).