Well, that's it, I'm off to the pub...

Soon as I close this post. Upstairs, change into a decent pub-a-goin-to shirt, some old jeans, hop into the Altima, crank the CD to Supreme Maximum Loudness and head out.

I deserve it.

Not just your ordinary, stupid-had-to-deal with the state auditor day, nope, even better than that.

I read his e-mail which says please compile the following documentation from the FY05 State Claim, and have it so that I can begin to review the claim first thing Thursday morning. When I read that, it was already 12 Noon on Wednesday. So, WTF, but I hustle, get the stuff together, which is kind of a pain, but not a MAJOR pain because it was all in about 3 places anyway.

I have a 3:30 with the lithe Laura, my physical therapist, so on the way, I stop at the district office and drop it off at the conference room he’s working in. It’s about a 2 inch stack of paperwork. The arrogant twit picks it up, fans it in his hands and decides immediately it’s short some crucial papers.
How In The Hell Would You KNOW??? ** :mad: No kidding, he only gave it a cursory fan, never looking at any papers. But I ask (for kicks) what else he needs, make a note and promise it in the morning.

(It’s already in there, but I’ll let him figure that out)

After my P/T, I get back to the car, check my cell phone and there’s a message from the finance secretary. It seems Mr. Speed Fan Reader meant he wanted the claim papers from FY04.

Gee, he’s really sorry, but could I still have that by 8 am Thursday.

Man, I sense one sorely disappointed auditor in the morning.

It’s not a great excuse to drink, but it’s a start.

I’m glad I’m not the only one having that day.

tips her Shiner Bock to Bus Guy Cheers!

Good idea except for the Altima part. Get a cab. then you can really go wild.

Raising a virtual one to you. Tipping a virtual one over the a-hole’s head.

Oh good, you’re still here! Is it too early for a bourbon?

*glug * “Ahhhhhh”

Nope. Let’s see if it’s too early for a Guiness…

Wednesdays are open microphone night at Ballydoyle which can either be a great reason to stop in, or a train wreck. But it’s never dull.

Here’s your first Guinness, on me. :wink: