Well, there's your problem

As Adam Savage likes to put it.

My laptop, out of nowhere, just gave me a “USB device not recognized” error message. So I started unplugging and re-plugging things, fiddling with settings…

Then I noticed something. I had my iPod USB cable plugged in to the laptop, but without the iPod connected to the other end. I had moved that end out of the way on my desk (it’s always getting in the way of my mouse). Turns out it was now, for some reason, located in my cup of coffee.

I don’t know if that actually caused the error, or if it was just some weird coincidence. But anyway, I dried it off, and it’s all fine now.

Got any “well, there’s your problem” moments to share?

I used to be on a help desk, and once had someone call in complaining that they were unable to access the application I was supporting.

I asked how they were connecting, not knowing if they were in the office, working remote, etc. as there were a couple of ways to get at this system. They said they were using the XYZ portal and it “was working fine until I made a phone…oh.”

This was back in the days of dial-up access, and they suddenly realized that they took themselves offline from everything an hour ago to make a call.

I’d always heard there was a problem with Apple and java! :stuck_out_tongue:

Caffeine is not an efficient or effective way to overclock computer hardware, it’s best on humans

Also, check to make sure your coffee is USB 2.0/3.0 compliant before use…

My ex once called me on her cell phone (battery powered) to tell me she could not get on the internet with her laptop (battery powered). She wanted to email her job and say she was late because we had lost power at our house. When I asked her if the modem had power she hung up on me.

Here’s my all-time favorite example of “there’s your problem”.

Maybe you need to install a coffee app.

We had a blackout at work a couple of summers ago and worked till our batteries ran out. Then – oh, OK, I’ll get that copying done–oops, nope. Eh, I’ll go get a cup of coff—oops, nope. I’ll scan those documents–:smack:

Security helped us through the blackened garage and we just went home.

One day I had a few friends over to watch a Netflix movie and grill some marinated chicken, ribs, and veggies outside.
Rushed outside to load the grill up and returned to the movie.
I went back outside to turn/shuffle assorted meats and veggies over.
Guess what?
I forgot to light the charcoal.

Halfway through a very long movie, I realized that I had recorded it and there was no need to sit through the commercials rolling my eyes.

Close the thread. We have our winner.

Not coincidence at all, BTW. The coffee completed the circuit, which made your computer think something was plugged into it.