Well today I got the boot. . .

I was sent packing back to the group I came from 18 months ago.

The “official” reason had nothing to do with my individual performance, as all my interviews have been good. It was that I “was not integrating well with the rest of the team.”

The “real” reason I suspect is that the new supervisor is wanting to put together a team of his own people (he inherited me from the previous supe)–and I just don’t brown-nose well enough (ie, at all). So, odd man out.

And the unique talents that I brought to the group were not enough to keep me there:

[ul][li]Knowledge of various systems that we support[/li][li]How those systems are linked[/li][li]Good rapport with user community[/li][li]Vision[/li][li]Personality[/li][li]Sense of humor[/li][li]1300 cc cranial capacity[/li][li]Opposable thumbs[/ul][/li]
So there was not much question about my ultimate lack of integration with those slow-witted simians. I truly enjoyed the work I was doing, but the other team members–to a man (and woman)–were about as much fun as your basic root canal.

And they sure as hell didn’t know how to deal with me. :slight_smile:

So–off I went.

Shall we drink a toast to Fuck the Simians?

I say good for you, M. You don’t need to work for punks like that anyway. They should be working for YOU!

Raising my glass in agreement!!!

“Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”

Sometimes it can be a lot of fun to watch people crash-and-burn. Enjoy the show, Mjollnir!

I have carefully avoided talking about my co-workers, other than cryptic references like this one (wink wink, nudge nudge!), but I have to say I’ve put up with a lot so I can stay where I am, because the work can be very interesting. I’m sorry you got booted, Mjollnir.

If man was meant to fly faster than the speed of sound he would have been born with 50,000 pounds of thrust.

Good luck, Mjollnir. I know the feeling. A sense of humor and bright mind are just not appreciated enough in the dull work world.

Maybe that’s why the Simpsons, Drew Carey, Dilbert, etc. are so funny. They hit the nail on the head when it comes to work places.

Remember that old saw about “Put your arm into a bucket of water. Now pull it out. The hole that’s left is how much you’ll be missed”? An old boss used that with me. Well, suffice it to say that the cylinder my arm was in must’ve had a small diameter, because after I left, the water level dropped low enough to get him and his two felching flunkies fired. (Oooh, unplanned alliteration!) Since, the company has sent me several letters asking if I’d be interested in coming back.
Nope, I’m not. But I am grooving on the rubble.

You’ll do fine, Mjollnir. You’ll probably end up with something better than you had…it’s that yin/yang, karma, what-goes-around thing in action.
Good luck.

Moll, I had to check your e-mail address to make sure you weren’t my father, who went through the exact same thing with a company he had been working for for eleven years. Interestingly (or not) enough, I am in a job hunting situation as well, so my father and I are going to compare interviewing notes to help each other out. Got any suggestions? Please E-mail me.

Instead of starting another topic, let me ask it here. What do people do when they lose their job?

Perhaps, what should a person do?

My old boss used to say, you buy a new $300 suit and you start interviewing. Don’t use that goofy tie your girlfriend thinks looks cool.

I will start a topic on that.The formal wear.

(minor point of clarification)

I didn’t lose my job by getting fired–I was just sent back where I came from within the company.

The previous supervisor and manager over my group actively recruited me from the group that I was in 18 months ago. There’s a new supe in town, now, and a new manager, and they want to build their own teams their own way. Being a bomb-throwing politically-incorrect wise-cracking non-brown-nosing iconoclast–well, the new guys just couldn’t adapt to that particularly well.

The managers/supervisors in my previous area know I can’t help myself, and there’s no hope for me–as they’ve known me a lot longer, so they were quite willing to accept me back.

If you can handle it. I spent several years in a shittier situation, and had no easy way out to an equally well paying job at the time.