well water is running in control box

I have well water running down the electrical hose into the control box. Whats wrong and how do I get it to stop?

Thanks Moleman

I’m having trouble visualizing the setup, but many wells run the electrical through the feed hose or otherwise use a combined connection between wellhead and house.

Obviously, if you have water getting into the electrical channels, there’s a leak - either the pump has a bad seal around the motor or the pressurized water line has broken. If you’re a reasonably competent handyperson, cut the power and open up what you can of the well connections to look. If you’re not - and if you find a problem - call a well pro.

A link to a pic would be most helpful.

you have a leak. that needs to be repaired. it will only get bigger. try to have the electrical connection routed so water can’t make it to the control box (make a low point in the electrical connection so the water will drip off) if a leak ever happens again.

this assuming you are talking about a control box connected by an electrical cable.

this repair may take some skill. it is important to follow rules and good practices for both the well and electricity.

I’ll take a guess at the set up. The well head is above ground and has a cap with an electrical conduit going back into the ground. Inside the house that conduit comes in and goes to the control box for the submersible pump?

The three possibilities is the well is artesian and the well is flowing into the conduit off the top of the well. The conduit has a crack in it that allows ground water in and when the well refills it forces water into the house. Ground water is flowing in or around the conduit and the control box is lower than the ground water.

The first thing I would recommend is take the cap off the well. If the water level in the well is at the top you may have an artesian well and you should talk to an expert in the area to make it compliant to board of local health standards. This usually involves a below ground run off for the water.

Fill the top of the electrical conduit at the well cap with hydraulic cement this takes care of the issue most of the time.

If the control box is lower than the ground water level you should raise it up higher and that can resolve the issue.

How about pump the water out so that the water level is reduced, and check water levels more often ?

Do you live in a dry area ?

The ground may saturated, like it was never saturated before.

Snow saturates the soil with lesser total inches or mm of precipitation, because it melts slowly, it won’t run off into the waterways, it has time to soak into the ground.
What you may do now is remove the cap , so that the electrical conduit is not the place the water will escape from.
Ensure the cap area is sealed, eg with a cloth, so that nothing can get into the well, but water can get out, while air can get in. (because a dead bird, for example. will block the pump.)

Also make sure that the electrical conduit is not the ONLY way for air to enter the well when the cap is refitted.
(I assume there is an air vent system, to allow air in when water is pumped out, that is filtered, with insect screen, or something, but I am saying to check that it exists and remains effective. Otherwise pumping, and the water level returning to normal when the snow melt is drained away, could suck water out of your potentially polluted electrical conduit and back into the well… unlikely so don’t panic.)