"Well, you seem like a sweetheart" Good or bad thing?

I just went on a second interview for a high profile position. I met with the VP of the department which she is in charge of. This is one of four departments she’s in charge of.

btw, I’m a male. The deparmtment director (male) was also sitting in on the second interview.

The whole thing went well and as the thing was dieing down, the VP said to me, “Well, you certainly seem like a sweetheart”. I blushed (I guess) but, I wonder. This can’t be a BAD thing, can it?

I was told that they’ve wittled down the choices for the position from about 100 to a choice between me and one other person.

Ya think I’ll have to sleep with this women?

It sounds like a compliment to me. Perhaps a little cozy, cutesy, not-terribly-professional, but not overtly sexual or inappropriate, either. At least not to me. I’ve used the term “sweetheart” to describe many people, male and female, young and old and have always considered it a pretty harmless little compliment.

Good luck on getting the job!

Someone recently told me at work that my director, who is a woman, had said about me, “Oh yes he seems really forbidding but he’s just a big softie.” Apparently everyone within earshot go the impression that being a “big softie” was an enormous compliment so I would say you can hope for the best.

I’m sure you’re distraught over that possibility. “Oh no, I have to get laid!”

Yes, at job interviews I normally get screwed in a DIFFERENT way :slight_smile:

Good news!!!

Got the job. AND, I didn’t have to sleep with anyone. At least, at this point, I’m not fucked.


Does this mean you’re going to become a charter member now that you’re gainfully employed?


Not in a bad way, at least, not yet. :smiley:

Congratulations on getting the job.

Wishing you both luck and joy in your new career

Probably not the “best” choice of words, but unless she said it with a derogatory tone of voice…I think you’re in!

Good luck!