"Welling up" in movies.

I am normally a person who does not get emotionally attached to news stories or films. Yet, when watching certain parts of the three LotR movies I well-up (feel an almost uncontrollable urge to cry tears of joy or sadness) How can a director of cheap trashy horror movies create such brilliant epic masterpieces of tear-inducing films that eclipse alll other creations of it’s time.

I do that at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life. The part where the whole town comes running in ready to help George without even knowing what the problem is.

Just gets me every time.

I do to. Only at the part where Sam says, " I can’t carry it for you…but I can carry you!" Man, that makes me get teary-eyed.

Nah… when he’s trying to tell Mary that he doesn’t want to stick around and he wants to see the world. And shes just looking at him with those DOE eyes…

Then George just breaks down and grabs her And tells her how much he loves her.

remem…remem member that?..yeah…that was cool.

My best Chris Farley impersonation


Excuse me…Dead-Alive is NOT trashy. The scene with the zombies eating at the dinner table is directorial genius.

But yeah…the battle speech scenes with Theoden and Aragorn get me all emotional. And many of Sam’s scenes. And most particularly the scene where…

Hey, there must be SOMEONE who hasn’t seen the movies or read the books, right?
…all the people of Minas Tirith bow to the hobbits. “My friends…you bow to no one.”

Man, I’m almost tearing up just thinking about it.

Hell, I get emotional at commercials sometimes. Hardly takes an epic masterpiece to get me reaching for the Kleenex.
But yeah, Nightwatch Trailer, that’s the scene that does it for me too. Because then Frodo looks around… and… it’s just… so… (That’s it, I’m all verklempt…talk amongst yourselves!)

What . A . Bunch . Of . WUSSES !

Kidding. Another sissy here. I’ve got a Goof Off Day planned for January with my buddy (I have only one or two friends in real life–I’m pretty pathetic) during which we’re gonna do the extended Edition marathon. He’s a good old boy. Hillbilly. Two fisted, gun-totin’ six-shootin’ RINGtailed buckaroo who I don’t think would cry if you poured acid on his groin and stuffed scorpions in his ears.

I’m so in training–I can get through *Fellowship * now with only minor teeth clenching; I can get through Towers if I’ve had a couple beers and the pizza is good; but *Return *is gonna eat my lunch–“My friends…” yeah, I’m gonna have to stage a potty break for that one.

I think it’s accomplished through a combination of believable acting (Aragorn’s voice cracks when he delivers that line, Sam is a freaking crybaby anyway and Frodo’s all soulful throughout the movie) a subtle but powerful musical score, and skillful directing to get the acting, movie and camera angle to work in harmony. Jackson’s always been this good, but zombies just don’t bring a lot of happy/sad to the table.

When I was in sixth grade, my teacher put in “Homeward Bound” one Friday afternoon and I teared up when the cat fell over the waterfall while all my other classmates laughed.

I also remember being really bummed out at some Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial about ten years ago where some guy wanted it on his bagel after noticing how much someone else liked it but couldn’t for some reason or another.

And those’re the only two that jump immediately to mind… there’re innumerable others.

Girls like sensitive guys, right? Right?

It’s about the only hope I have.

I think the time I teared up at School of Rock – the second time around! – was the most embarrassingly irrational of those moments. That and seeing Love, Actually in the theater last November: I cried straight through that one, starting with Hugh Grant’s opening voice-over and coming to a sort of whuffling, gurgling climax at the resolution of Laura Linney’s arc.

I also choke up every time I watch William Daniels in 1776.

One movie that makes me cry every time I see it is " The Glenn Miller Story." He’s been trying to find his ‘sound’, but the band isn’t right, or the club owners won’t let him play his own music. The bands struggle and toil and get nowhere, then comes “Moonlight Serenade.” They are gifted by a benefactor and get a place to rehearse and offers to play when they find that ‘sound’. So you see them in a locker room, playing away, then the trumpeter gets up to play his solo and bumps his horn on the music stand, splitting his lip. Glenn has to sit up all night rearranging the song for close harmonies with the saxes and lead clarinet. Dissolve to the scene of them playing it in the club, and when the clarinet comes in for the first time, I lose it. It’s just so perfect. And then everybody stops dancing mid-song and just stares in amazement at the band, playing this wonderful ‘sound’, and at one point, they all rush up to the stage to be closer to it. :sniff, sniff:

I have to say LOTR didn’t do it for me, but like Odinoneeye IAWL did. Despite the cheesey acting and predictable dialogue, theres something there thats just timeless.

Does “welling up” with feelings of righteous vengeance count? Because I sure did during the 2 towers - helms deep was just awesome!

I do agree though that Peter Jackson came out trumps with LOTR - who would have expected that after Brain-Dead (which although brilliant is a world apart)?

It seems like I am getting more emotional with age and with this new fatherhood thing. (or maybe it’s all the oxytocin :stuck_out_tongue: ) but you seem to appreciate the value of life more, of the important things, more.

There was a minivan commercial recently where a new dad is holding his baby and pacing, probably after burping, where he is talking to him about how he promises to protect him, and be there for him, that kept gving me sudden-accute-blurry-vision-syndrome**-TM**

But where I really lost it, where I was reduced to great quivering blobs of moist jelly, was when I first saw Les Miserables (the musical) for the first time and 'ponine (was it Eponine? I keep mixing up the names…) sings “On My Own”. They had the lady who went on to star in Miss Saigon paying that role. Man, did I loose it. Good thing the theater was so dark. And it started all over again when Valjean sings “Bring him Home”, and then again for “A little drop of rain”, and then again for “Empty Chairs at Empty tables”

Thank God I went with a female friend and not on a date. The ladies probably like a clenched jaw and a little tear at the corner of the eye as a sign of a sensitive man, but wracking sobs are a bit too much, I suspect. And a guy buddy would probably not have let me live it down…

That scene at the end of LOTR:ROTK where Aragorn says that about Frodo always makes me think of our veterans: it makes me resolve to never forget, to always appreciate what they did for me, and the reality of their sacrifice. I find it more humbling and awe-inspiring than tear-jerking.

I’m also a terrible girlie man, and I tear up at loads of stuff, happy or sad, while my wife rarely does. I usually go for ‘a pee’ at the end of the movie and try to blow my nose quietly. Not at the LOTR stuff, mind, though I was close to crying at the end of the third one because the damn movie just wouldn’t finish…

The worst one of all for me was Whose Life is it Anyway, which I had to watch twice because I couldn’t see the screen for snot and tears the first time.

I have noticed that I really get a case of the weepies when I’m hungover. If I haven’t been drinking, I can do the stoicism, but the day after a night on the batter, I get a hair-trigger tear response at books, movies, poems, songs, etc. My brother tells me he’s the same. Anyone else get this?

I don’t well up at movies (oh and I have not seen any of the LOTR ones…and I’m a Kiwi so I’m BAD) but I do well up over sport. This is stupid considering I hate sport. I sobbed my way through the Olympics. It just makes me mushy to see people bursting with pride when they have done well or crushed when they haven’t.

The Color Purple kills me. Everytime. I cry all the way through it , and really lose it at the end.

I cried the first time I saw the South Park movie, but for entirely different reasons.
I missed Terence and Phillips song at the beginning because I was laughing so hard I started crying and then couldn’t stop.

I don’t know if you meant that but it does it to me. The whole “can anyone hear what I hear” scene. First when they read the letter from Washington about how many he will lose trying to defend New York. Then at the end of the song Adams asks the question and Dr Hall says, “I do”.
In RotK the death of Theodin gets me.

Yep on all counts. Lea Solonga (sp?) is one in that role. I didn’t see her in it be it was still great.
This might just be a guy thing but *Field of Dreams * gets me blubbering every time. The first time I saw it and the catcher took of his mask it hit me like a sledgehammer. I’m sure its because like Ray in the movie, I would do anything to be able to play catch with my dad one more time. I’m getting misty right now.wimp

Count me as one of the ones who can’t keep my eyes dry during “It’s a Wonderful Life.” You can set your watch by me. I can make it through the townspeople running in and throwing the money in the clothes basket - it’s right after George finds the copy of Tom Sawyer signed by Clarence, and ZuZu says, “Look, Daddy! Teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings!” that my water works start!

Yes! That scene, and the bell tolling at the end as all the delegates get up to sign and MacNair reads the names…gives me shivers. In a good way.

When the Elves turned up at Helms Deep. That moment was one of the best.

“I come to honour that allegience”