welsh buried in red suit?

It says “Burton was buried in a red suit, a tribute to his Welsh roots.” What is the connection of burial in red suit to Wales?

Wales is strongly associated with red, not least because it’s the colour of the dragon on the Welsh flag, and perhaps more importantly because it’s the shirt colour worn by the national rugby union team.

The Wiki article also states that Burton ‘would rather have played for Wales at Cardiff Arms Park than Hamlet at Old Vic’, which underlines his love of Welsh RU. Hence the post-mortem outfit, although why he wasn’t buried in a red shirt and white shorts must remain a mystery for all time.

This is my considered opinion, following a short but fruitless conversation with a nearby Welsh person.

Just to clarify: the Welsh are not typically buried in red clothing. I agree with Chez Guevara said.

But is Chez Guevara instigating a revolutiong in Wales?

There’s already one underway (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meibion_Glyndwr), but I’m sure he’d be welcome to join… it’s kind of in a slow patch. The Welsh-Argentine* connection goes back to 1865.

*The original Che Guevara was Argentine born.