Went to a reunion of a place I used to work.

The company went down the tubes in 2003. Was a little apprehensive about seeing all these people that I haven’t seen since then but it was fun. Mundane and pointless but I recommend that anyone that has a similar opportunity, just do it!

If I went to reunions of places I used to work, 1. There wouldn’t be enough days in the year, and 2. Not enough Law Enforcement to cover the outstanding Restraining Orders.

A depressing number of the places I used to work don’t physically exist anymore. We’d have to get together somewhere else.
Actually, people from one place I used to work have organized a once-a-month ROMEO group, but it’s too depressing to think that I’m actually old enough to qualify for a ROMEO bunch.

(ROMEO = Retired Old Men Eating Out. Also accurate in the sense that there are no women at any of these. I’m not retired BTW)

I went to one of these once.

I used to work for EDS at their Lansing call center. We easily had over 300 people working at this facility.

That was 21 years ago. The facility had closed in the mid 2000’s and EDS got bought out. People who worked there moved on. About 5 years ago, a few of those people decided to put on a “reunion”. They contacted hundreds of people that used to work there. I decided to go. There were only about 10 people that showed. For what it was worth, it was fun, but it was a rather sorry experience. People who worked there moved on and left the past in the past.

That’s why it didn’t work out.

We have annual reunions for a company I used to work for that was bought out in 1999, and then that company was bought out a few years later. Many of the people still work together at various companies in the area but our time at the first company was pretty formative for a lot of engineers.