Went To Nixon Library Today

As it is President’s Day the admission to Richard Nixon Presidential Library and I went there and spent a few hours. As it has become a government run museum it’s undergoing some renovations-but it’s rather suspiscious. For instance while most other exhibits were normal an exhibit related to the My Lai massacre was said to be “undergoing renovations” so was the Kent State shooting.

How would renovations be considered “suspicious”? Museums do this from time to time to maintain their exhibits. Since the National Archives took it over, it’s probably just something as simple as incorporating material from the Archives into existing exhibits.

Sounds like a conservative plot to cover up those scandals.

Damn you, Obama!!!

I’ve been there - for a party. I used to attend SIGGRAPH, the computer graphics conference. The one in Anaheim was the year that Jurassic Park was released, and ILM was swimming in money. So they threw this huge party at the Nixon Library. Most amazing party I’ve ever been to. The Master of Ceremonies was Tim Leary. The bands were Fishbone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

His nickname was Tricky Dick, after all.

Yes, because making them inaccessible in the Nixon Library, which is where most Americans get their history, will cause those events to fade from the national psyche.

Some people are great at making connections but lousy at thinking things through.

Every other exhibit in that hall was intact except for the panels that were on the My Lai massacre and Kent State.

Controversial issues get more attention and updates. Are you implying that they’re being revised underhandedly? If so, by who and for what purpose?

The government to perhaps minimize the information on those incidents.

And you think that by making changes in the Nixon Presidential Library this will somehow limit access to the story? Seriously? I’m pretty sure that genie is out of the bottle.

And who in the “government”? Specifically who do you have in mind? And, again, why would “they” want to do that?

Do they have any hotel guides?

No, but there’s an 18½ minute gap in the tape used for the self-guided tour. Here is an MP3 of said gap.

I don’t know “who” or “what” but certainly they’d prefer not to admit some embarassing actions of the government.

Curtis–it’s already a done deal, as Telemark suggested. There’s no hiding what is known.

You probably need to read some of the history of what’s been published about both incidents.