Were Adams's Hitchiker guide's written by him?

In the bizarre world of hiker fans there has been a rumor going on for years that no one seems to be able to kill.
Rumor goes that the sequals to the Hitchikers guide to the Galaxy were written in a workshop which includid among others Terry Pratchett.

I’m I surfing the truth here or is me just stupid???


It’s a rumor. That means it’s almost certainly false. What more do you need to know?

Rumor that goes on for years and years must have kling of truth or it would not go on so long!


I can see similarities, but Pratchett is funnier than Adams. Adams was also a well-established writer (and script editor on Dr. Who) before Pratchett became suggessful.

The story goes that pratchett took his first steps there. That is to become a writer for life…

If you look at the structure of the sequals and compere them to pratchetts works it very simular and eqully confusing!!!


All novels written under the name Douglas Adams were in fact authored by one Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford some 400 years ago.

Snopes may disagree with you on that point. Check out www.snopes.com for manny examples of rumors that seem to live forever without benefit of truth.

BTW - is “kling” the actual sound made by the ring of truth? :slight_smile:

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I am currently reading “Good Omens” which was written by Neil Gaiman (the comics guy) and the aformentioned Mr. Pratchett. On the cover is a blurb by the New York Times: “A direct descendant of ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’”. It’s a story about the last 11 years before Armageddon (it’s a comedy, BTW) and the story reads exactly like an Adam’s book.

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Aseymayo - Do a search of Thor’s posts. He’s not doing a Jar Jar impersonation.

Thor–that’s an interesting theory. So, the longer a rumor lasts, the more likely it is be true. That means if I start a rumor that you’re actually the god of thunder, trolling the internet for a fight, and I come back 10 years later to find the rumor still circulating, then I was right?

Kid, lemme explain the Internet to you. It does one thing really really well–it spreads false information. Ever get the “Walt Disney Jr” e-mail? Or one of those bogus virus warnings? No matter how much info is put out debunking this garbage, it pops up a few months later, good as new.

If you’d read Neil Gaiman’s “Don’t Panic”, you might actually learn something about the creation of the Hitch-hiker’s series. Gaiman interviewed many people that worked with Adams on the series and the books, and it seems pretty obvious that Adams created the idea, wrote the scripts (with one collaborator, not Pratchett), and wrote the novels (no collaborator).

I hope this helps you with your quest for knowledge.

Geez, if rumors that persist are true does that mean that stupid, damned Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe story is true? (I first heard it in 1985.) Even if Neiman-Marcus denies it? THat makes me so mad–every month when some other woman sends it to me (and it’s ALWAYS a woman) I have been debunking it! AND NOW you’re telling me it’s probably true and so I should have been passing it on?
I’m appalled :0

Please–tell me to quit wasting time and go back to work!

Cecil handled the Neiman Marcus story in one of his books, so rest assured it’s baloney.

Maybe their writing styles are somewhat similar (not enough to convince me BTW), but why in the world would Pratchett just GIVE fame and fortune to Adams that way? If Douglas Adams were a pen name that would be one thing, yet he is real.
Now it could be that once upon a time, the two hashed out some plot points over a few pints. But I don’t know if they even know each other. The “rumor” is not very credible.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was not written by Douglas Adams. It was written by Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. Glad to get this cleared up.