We're all in the mood for a melody

The Boston Pops playing Neil Diamond? Don’t laugh, the slow build and awesome climax of this piece will probably give you chills.

Summer jam again. RIP Biz.

Yeah, they never got much attention when they were together, and even less afterwards, but there was some real talent there. I only found out about them about a year ago myself, and I thought I knew 70’s music pretty well. I like the camera angles on that shoot: it had one behind the drummer that also showed the piano player, and one behind the piano player that showed the drummer. Great angles that showed each of them just going mad on their instruments.

Here’s a thread about the band I started last year, where you can read more, and talk about them further.

I’m not contributing any songs to this thread today, since I posted too many yesterday :smiley:

beowulff’s comment about lyrics got me to thinking about the Dresden Dolls:

Great song, I hadn’t thought of that in a while.

Legendary Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), and his band, Death.

Not the best version, but apropos:

Cover of a Bowie song from an 80s movie

Pardon the Mess…

This singer was on Obama’s 2016 playlist and I decided to give her a listen.

YouTube says this video has been watched 2,231,871 times. Pretty sure, though, that I’ve watched it more than that.

Hey @Shoeless and @DCnDC: Stellar selections! (Candi Staton and the Sundays) Thanks!

This gave me an ear worm for several years.

Brilliant! The lyrics pretty much write themselves, don’t they?

Just came across this on NME radio and was smitten. Gimme a motorik beat and a catchy unsentimental chorus (“you work all day and then you die/it’s hard to find piece of mind”) and you got me:

Heard this in a commercial a few minutes ago. Oh, to be in fourth grade again!

I love Gal Costa. This one starts out slow but ends on a high note:

I’ma whip a little classical your way:

Friday night, how about a Night on The Town (With Snow White)?

This one’s been knockin’ around in my head for a while.

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