Were Americans Fired Upon on American Soil by the Mexican Army?

You’ve got to consider the source. I don’t know how credible the Tombstone Tumbleweed is, but THIS
story says a film crew was fired upon by Mexican soldiers, on American soil.

Jose Garza from the Border patrol Public Information Office confirmed that such an incident did, in fact, take place, but the situation was still under investigation and would offer no further statement.

I can find nothing in the major media about this. At very least I’d like to confirm or debunk this story.

I have found nothing, yet. I do note that the story seems odd.
Two locals, when encountering a Park Ranger while in possession of fired weapons, claim to have fired in self-defense from an attack by Mexican military.

A few questions come to mind:

  • Where is the statement (in the story) from the camera crew?
  • What are the odds that the typical Arizonan actually recognizes a Mexican military uniform? (At a distance when being fired upon?)
  • How difficult is it for Mexican coyotes* to pick up military uniforms at their local army surplus store?
  • How clearly is the border delimited in an area of rough, wooded country? (Could the locals have wandered over to the Mexican side of the border? Could the Mexicans (if the army was even involved) have accidentally wandered over to the U.S. side and thought they were dealing with U.S. drug smugglers?)

*illegal alien smugglers

But 2 things give it some credibility. First, the alleged comfirmation by Jose Garza from the Border patrol Public Information Office.
Second, I know the Mexican military was on our soil after Katrina. While it was a humanitarian effort (one our own National Guard troops should have been doing! :mad: ) there were some reports of the Mexican troops being armed.

I would like to find out if this current story is true or not.


I though maybe you meant the Thorton Affair. That is, if you consider that that location was part of annexed Texas.

I don’t know about this current case, but there have been several reports over the last few years of Mexican military units either entering and/or firing into US territory.