Were any diamonds found in the World trade center rubble?

A bit morbid I know but it occurred to me that there must have been some people evaporated in the 9/11 attacks who were wearing diamonds.

Why would there be any diamonds?

Diamonds burn quite easily.

Yeah, they are carbon just like coal, only shinnier.

But there should be lots of rings, etc.

Gold & Silver have quite low melting points.

They said “jewelry” was found.

"There were large amounts of U.S. currency located in the debris at Fresh Kills. There were also items from stores, including tourist type items, jewelry, and clothing. Also in the debris were valuable works of art and artifacts, including several valuable sculptures and drawings. "

"Most of the debris was contaminated with various substances, including oil, asbestos, and human remains. The members of the NY ERT submitted informational paperwork advising that they had been exposed to toxins from working with the debris. Most human remains were pulverized and/or charred. The largest piece of human remains discovered in the WTC material at Fresh Kills was a torso. Body parts, including bones, tissue, and hair, were continually found throughout the operation. A part of a rib cage was found close to the last day of operation of Fresh Kills. "

Yup, they are pure carbon, easily burned to ash if the fire is hot enough.