Were budgerigars a design influence for R2D2?

The trills, chirps and whistles emitted by everyone’s favourite Star Wars droid are very similar to the sorts of sounds made by budgerigars, furthermore, blue and white is one of the most popular colour combinations for budgies, and they also have somewhat dome-shaped heads that they can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Is there any documentary anywhere that suggests budgies were one of the influences that shaped Artoo, or is it just coincidence?

Seriously, though, the sounds are so uncannily budgie-like that my pet bird flew down and landed on the keyboard of my laptop when I was playing them, which is an unusually bold move for him (He’s tame, but usually very wary of all unfamiliar objects)

Just me then?

Budgie/parrakeet owners! Have you at least noticed the similarity?

These are not the droids you’re looking for.

The only specific things I recall about the sound design for R2 is that it blends output from an analog synth with recordings of a baby cooing and chirping and some of Burtt’s own vocalizations.

Cite for above.

Doesn’t look like budgies entered into it at all.

[bit sad] OOOO00oooooh [/bit sad]

It’s *not *just you, though. There are scads of YouTube videos of people’s parakeets (budgies) doing R2D2 impressions, and at least one African Grey (parrot) named R2. Many people have seen the similarity, just not, it seems, the creators. :slight_smile:

Either way, I still think R2’s finest moment was when he got to sing vocals for “Frankenstein” with the Edgar Winter band.

I never knew that “budgie” was foreign for “parakeet”!

Yeah, He really threw himself into it.

You threw me when you said, “everyone’s favourite Star Wars droid”. I kept trying to figure out how you could even think that a budgie sounded like C3PO.

I hadn’t noticed that connection, but it’s given me an addition to the letter talk with Brian the Bolshie Budgie.

“L o b! R u o k? A b, u R2D2?”

The kid’s away on holiday, I’m bored.

True, although most of these appear to be cases where the birds have been explicitly taught to mimic R2.

It’s the other way around. Parrakeet is the foreign for budgie.

(actually, all budgies are parrakeets, but not all parrakeets are budgies. Budgies are a species. Parrakeets are a collection of many species of small parrot, including budgies.)

For reference, here’s a video of some budgies making natural budgie sounds, that I think demonstrate some of the similarities I’m talking about (it’s important to note that this video still doesn’t portray the full range of possible budgie sounds.

The way you rroll yourr rrs makes me think you must be a Scotsman.

Parrakeet with the double R does seem to be a valid variant of the word (cite). I think I must have picked up the usage when I was in publishing.

I’m not seeing a link to a video…

Ooops. Sorry. Here it is:

I don’t know about parakeet owners but every time I watch SWs my cockatiel just sings, talks, whistles, and tweets up a storm whenever R2D2 comes on.