We're getting a 'puter!!

Okay, it’s an older one (2-years old) with a Pentium II, a gig hard drive, and I think 32 meg of RAM. I think that’s right. 56K modem. Video and sound cards, etc. Windows 98.

Monitor (small, but, eh, so what) and small color printer comes with it.

Getting it from a friend of my husbands. A trusted friend. Hasn’t had any problems with the system, no viruses and stuff.

$200. Sold! Sure, its not super up-to-date, but hey, its better than what we currently have, which is nothing.

Even better is that I get free ISP service at home from the University. Sweet!

We’re going to set it up in our spare room. I honestly don’t see myself spending too much time on it at home since I spend so much time here. It’ll be cool to be able to look up weather.com when we’re getting ready to go to the beach on Sunday and see what weather is like in Ludington.


Cool! Hate to say this, but you’ll probably want to look into upgrading the memory to 64 mb or so if you want win98 to be happy. :frowning: (Don’t worry–it’s cheap).

Christ, you mean you’ve managed to post all eight billion messages of yours under the auspices of the MSU Entomology Dept.? I commend thee, BunnyGirl! Seems as though you get as much work done in East Lansing as I do… :smiley:

Having a computer at home is handy for other little things too, like getting quick recipes and lyrics to songs that have been bugging you for the past ten years.

Congrats! I hope you and BunnyDude enjoy yourselves.

tsarina, see that’s why I told you to stop in and say “hi” when you’re in the building 'cause I usually have lots of time to chat! :smiley:

Actually, I joined about 2 years ago so I’ve been on the Board a while now.

slortar, it may actually already have 64 mb of RAM, I’m not sure. I know he upgraded it when he bought it and he bought it new 2 years ago. Good idea though and we’re considering putting some money into it to get a Pentium III and a new motherboard. Good idea? What do you think? I’m a good user but not a good tech. I’ve installed modems and sound cards but don’t want to mess with a motherboard and new processor. But, I do own a soldering iron!

I wouldn’t really bother upgrading to a p3 unless it’s a serious mhz upgrade. The only difference between a p3 and a p2 is a few extra instructions that really only make a difference in multimedia apps that take advantage of them. Memory’s what you should be worrying about if the other stats are accurate–everything else should be kosher. Since you’re not into video games I don’t expect you’ll need much else.

Hm. If the speed of your response is any indication, it looks like your workday is about as exciting as mine right now. :slight_smile:

You got that right, brother. Little slow on the ol’ work front.

Well, hubby does want to buy this one Bass fishing game he bought him mom for Xmas. But I can’t see us becoming huge gamers AT ALL.

Sounds good. Thanks for the info!

Also, if you’ve only got a 1 gig hard drive (if I read correctly)…that’s a bit low. You might want to double-check. If it’s still a 1 gb hard drive, I’d recommend picking up an el-cheapo maxtor or western digital. I picked up a 15 gb maxtor for about 60 bucks a few months back.

I’ll have to check - I was just going off the top of my head. It might be bigger. I had the specs around here somewhere, but think I threw them away. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the info!

BunnyGirl - Try this site. It has the best prices I’ve ever found for computer parts on the net. I just upgraded my PIII-500 to a AMD-1.2G (new motherboard, new cpu, new ram) and altogether it only cost me $350. Right now RAM is super cheap and it would be very good for you to upgrade seeing as it wouldn’t cost very much at all.

(btw, the chances of you needing a sodering iron are slim to none, you’ll just need a phillips head screwdriver and about an hour or so.)

I just checked and you can buy 512MB of RAM for only $30!!!

Oh, I found the spec sheet last night. It’s got 96 mb of RAM. D’oh! That’s just a LITTLE different than 32.

Also a CD-ROM.

Would this machine be able to handle a CD-R and burning software? I so want to do some compilations.

Abso-freaking-lutely. CDRW’s shouldn’t be a problem on it. 96 mb is fine. Of course, more is better, but 96 is good enough for what ails you.

Yeehaw. Another exciting day on the job. Expect to see me often here this afternoon. :slight_smile:

Yes, Home!

We had a little glitch this weekend in getting the correct log-in for the University network, but the TCI/IP stuff was all set. Sooooo, when I got the correct log-on this afternoon at work, I was anxious to come home and see if it worked.


Not that I’ll probably post a lot from here. Shoot, I’ve got have something to do at work. :rolleyes:

But, hey, I’m here and life is good. Download times are slower than that big T-1 I’ve got at work and this little 13" monitor is a little less than fine compared to the 17" one I’m blessed with at work. But, ya know what?

I ain’t complainin’! The **BunnyFamily[/b[ has now joined the 21st century. :stuck_out_tongue:

BunnyGirl, just the PIII would be fine, I doubt you’d need a new motherboard. If you get a CPU the same type you have now, most likely either a PPGA or a Slot 1, you should be good to go. A different one would require the moving of some jumper. The motherboard would have a limit as to what speed CPU it can handle, mine says 550mHz in the manual but this could be higher. You would need to go into CMOS setup to change the multiplier, and possibly the bus speed, for the new CPU.

Jeff, thanks for the info! I think we’re going to give this a test run and play with it for a little while. We’re not heavy gamers at all so I’m hoping it’ll work out for us. Seems to be doing fine now.

No problem. I recently pulled the Celeron 333 PPGA from my board and plugged in a PIII 450 Slot 1. I could have went higher but there’s not really any noticible difference between 450 and 550mHz. Fortunately, I bought my motherboard new and kept the manual so I knew what jumper needed to be changed. CMOS recognized the new CPU and went directly into setup so I could set the new multiplier and bus speed. My games are running much smoother now with the PIII.

You could take your motherboard to a tech center to find out what the speed limit is for CPUs. Or you could just get a CPU and see if it works. I’d keep it to 466 for PPGA or 550 for Slot 1, like mine.