We're Getting an IKEA!!!!

Phoenix is getting an IKEA! YAYAY! Granted, our IKEA won’t be open until Thanksgiving, but it’s never too early to start an IKEA appreciation thread, right?

Do YOU have an IKEA? Have you ever shopped at IKEA? What kinds of things did you buy?

We’ve got one across the Turnpike from Newark Airport. I’ve spent a good chunk of change there: 7 bookcases, 3 chairs, 2 beds, 2 chest of drawers, 1 coffee table, 1 bench, and countless googaws.

Someone here (I forget who) suggested calling EWR “Ikea Airport.” I can go with that. They have scheduled buses going there, and the place is a total madhouse on the weekends.

Start saving your pennies!

Oh man, I’m gonna be so dirt poor once it opens. My apartment, however, will be BURSTING with IKEA style. :wink:


It’s almost like Phoenix is becoming a real city. :dubious:

:: Sunspace grabs a fifty-kronor note that just happens to be nearby ::

Congratulations, and welcome to the Ikea Zone.

:: pause ::

Why do I have sudden this urge to go out and buy a bookshelf?

[sub]Psst–It’s not a real city until you can take the subway to Ikea. :slight_smile: [/sub]


Everybody up here (with the money and the time and the etc) used to have to drive to Birmingham or Newcastle or somewhere if they wanted Ikea stuff. Then they opened one in Glasgow and I finally got to go. Regularly.

Badly laid out. Still pretty expensive. We had an argument every single time we went.

Some pretty cool stuff, though.

I hate you all!

I buy on the net… and went to Ikea in my last trip to Denmark. The chances of an IKEA store opening here are about the same chance of Paris Hilton winning the Nobel Physics award.

It was probably cuauhtemoc. He has told me that you can see a large Ikea sign as you are landing in Newark, hence he advocates renaming it Ikea International Airport. And the way things are going with corporate sponsorships these days, he just might be on to something. :wink:

I, sadly, have no Ikea. I’d like to just try the food they serve, if nothing else.

PS - Isn’t it Ikea furniture that the guy in Fight Club has throughout his apartment? Or maybe I’m mistaken.

Anyway, congrats malkavia on your soon-to-be Ikea store. :slight_smile:

Not only are there no IKEAs around here, I couldn’t think if you were talking about a car or one of those dogs that don’t bark. :smack:

Don’t count Ikea or Ms. Hilton out–after all Britney Spears has done pretty well with semiconductors. :smiley:

IKEA have just decided NOT to come to my City because they weren’t going to be allowed to build where they wanted :mad: There is one an hour’s drive away but as I don’t drive or have a car it may as well be on the Moon.

They are putting one in Atlanta soon (well, 2005)…close, but not close enough to me here in Knoxville to make the trip down there. At least not just for that purpose.

I’m slightly hopeful that there will be one close to wherever I end up when I get a job. But I’m not setting my hopes on it, just because it might not happen.

Ikea is great! I love it!

DFW is slated to get one next summer. I’m looking forward to it. I want nothing in life so much as I want a HUMLAN bumblebee soft toy.

Well, I should rephrase that. I want nothing in life that one can buy at an IKEA, so much as I want a HUMLAN bumblebee soft toy.

They need to hire a translator.

Is there a Swede in the house? I know that ‘fart’ = speed in Danish but who knows what that means. There’s something about knickknacks with Swedish names that I find, er… sexi? :smiley:

Sigh. Ikea is so common outside of the US, it’s like Wal-Mart here; on practically every corner in every small town. There’s an Ikea in Hamilton, Ontario, for chrissakes, but they’re as rare as anything in the US.

Ikea in Cleveland, Ohio USA … dream on. If Cleveland was in France or Germany, there would be six of them here already.

Cleveland is midway between the big shiny uber IKEA in Chicago and the respectable if small IKEA in Pittsburgh. Therefore, don’t hold your breath for one there. (And don’t ask why there is one in Baltimore and another just over an hour away in Northern Virginia, the two closest stores anywhere in north America.)

I do appreciate an IKEA visit. Maybe I’ll schlep to Elizabeth tomorrow. I’ve actually never been to that store. (I’ve always preferred the flagship store in Philly.) I’ll think of all of you lucky Phoenicians and DFWers while slurping on some lingonberries.

Er… actually, if you are travelling by car on a good day with no traffic obstacles on the freeways, all four of the Ikea stores in the Toronto area are closer together than that.

I’m sooooooo frigging jealous.

My nearest Ikea is in Sydney (about 3 hrs away if I chose to fly) and the bastards won’t deliver here!!

I have wandered through the Ikea wonderland in Sydney sighing and wishing. Ikea is cheap but groovy and they have wayyyyyyyyy to many things to look at. It is one of those places that you find the thing you never knew you needed till you saw it.

Damn then for not coming here! Shit we even have fjords!

Pretty please come to NZ Mr Ikea.