We're going to Italy on Wednesday

MrRancher and I are flying to Rome on Wednesday - I still can’t believe we are leaving so soon! When we bought the tickets, it seemed so impossibly far away, and here it is, upon us! MrRancher has never been to Europe before, so it will be a nice adventure for us. He is not looking forward to the 8 hour flights, however. And we’re taking United, a double whammy. But, at least we are going.

We are flying into Rome, landing Thursday morning, and immediately taking a train to Florence, where we will spend 4 nights. I want to take a day trip to Siena by bus, but I’m not sure the best day to do that - presumably Saturday.

On Monday we are taking the train back to Rome for 3 nights.

I’m leaving our itinerary somewhat unstructured - we’ll get to all the touristy things we’ll get to, and if we spend a day just wandering and people watching, that will be just fine too. Museums are alright, but they’re not the be all and end all for me.

Any suggestions for any off the beaten path type stuff we can do? Or advice in general?

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