We're going to Oahu in ten days. What to do?

DH and I are heading to Oahu for two weeks at the beginning of April. We’re meeting my parents and one of my sisters there so have planned to do things more suitable for them, including going to the Polynesian Center, a luau, and a visit to Pearl Harbour.

However, DH and I are a bit more adventurous, and have about five days to do our own thing. We’d like to head up to the North Shore for some surfing, and will be heading somewhere for some SCUBA diving. Any additional suggestions?

Wow. Can’t believe no one has even said “Have a nice trip!” so I’ll bump this for you. I was last on Oahu when I was 16, which was 39 years ago, so my advice will not be much help at all, but I do remember driving around the entire island and seeing some amazing waterfalls. Sounds like you won’t be happy just sitting on the beach, but that for me was the most fun, just spending time by the water.

I must have missed this :slight_smile: I was sick for most of our time on Oahu this year so I didn’t get to do much but the NE corner of the island has a shrimp fishery now with little roadside stands with the freshest shrimp ever. Definitely worth a try for at least one meal.

The best part of our entire trip to the islands however was the Manta dive in Kona - if you could swing a day trip there with a very late flight back (I think our dive finished at 9ish so you’d need a midnight flight back to Oahu) it would be worth the hassle. Amazing experience.

The light response might have been because there was a recent thread on the same subject, and probably everyone thought “oh well, someone will be along in a moment to post a link.”

Since no one has yet, the missing link.

If you are a diver/snorkeller, then Hanauma Bay (east from Waikiki). But get there early - parking lot fills up quick. Best snorkelling, but go past the “break” for better visibility. Unfortunately you don’t hear much about diving off Oahu - more Maui and the Big Island. So I can’t help you there.

A bit touristy, but hiking up Diamond Head is fun (bring a small flashlight). The best is watching the planes coming in to Honolulu from the top - feels like you could touch them.

Last but not least: Lappert’s Ice Cream (specifically the Kona Coffee ice cream - even if you’re not a coffee ice cream fan, you have to try it).

Their French Vanilla is the closest thing to perfection that I’ve ever tasted. I’ve always been a chocolate ice cream girl but this was just amazing. It’s probably a good thing for my waistline that I can’t afford to retire to Hawaii.

Fear not - there are a few Lappert’s now on the mainland: there is one in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and I know of one here in San Diego !

Can’t say I’ve ever tried their french vanilla - I’ve rarely strayed from the Kona Coffee !

I’m from Hawaii, born and raised. I don’t really do the outdoors much, and I don’t like going to the tourists spots, but I’d like to help you to enjoy your stay a bit as much as I can. If you’re about the outdoors and tourist things, I recommend the typical hiking, surfing, exploring type stuff. There is lots of it. For beaches, I’d stay away from Waikiki! It’s dirty, ugly, and smells like sun tanning lotion, not to mention it’s crowded with other tourists. Kailua and Kaneohe has really nice beaches with soft sand and nicer locals. Waimea Bay is a must see, if your daring I recommend taking a climb up the rock and jump into the crystal clear water below! There are lots of hiking places to go to, I just don’t know of them, but they do have brochures for you to check out. I’d recommend busing it, we do have one of the best bus systems in all of America. thebus.org Is the link to the bus system. There are route maps, times, and passes available. Probably more smarter to use then driving or renting a car. Traffic here is unbelievable, parking a horror to find, and gas is sky high. However, The Pali look out is on the way to Kailua/Kaneho and the view is amazing! My favorite scenic drive. Id stay away from the fancy restaurants, but if you have the cash, a few nice dinners wont be too bad. It’s great to drive around the island and stop by the shrimp wagons in Kahuku. LauLau was staple Hawaiian food, and people still sell it on the road side. Zippy’s is a popular local fast food joint. I wish I could offer you more help, but I’m not much into that kind of stuff. I hope you have a fun and safe trip.