We're Pregnant! (we think!)

OK, that’s not really true, it’s TW who is the one of us most likely to be carrying our newest, and the ultrasound didn’t show anything but the tests are positive. Looks like the TokyoFamily will have a new member in the fall. We’re really, really excited!

TW has wanted a new child as soon as possible, which I have as well, but her body has needed to rest. It’s really still a little soon, but her doctor says we should be OK.

Naturally, there’s a lot of concern this time. We still don’t know the exact cause of Ian’s sickness and we don’t know if we will have the same experience again or not. The most likely cause is, unfortunately genetic, so we would have a 25% chance for each child. Also, unfortunately, there are no tests for the syndrome, so wouldn’t know until much later into the pregnancy.

We really want a family and we’re looking forward to our child. We’ve discussed this and had decided that we weren’t going to let the possible bad news keep us from trying. With no way to control the outcome, you can only hope for the best and accept what comes.

TW will go back again next week to the doctor’s. We look forward to knowing for sure that she’s pregnant and then we’ll continue with our hope that our new baby will be heathy.

I followed Ian’s story. I’m really happy for you and your wife. That’s great news and my thoughts are with you!


I would have put more exclamation marks but figured that was enough colors :smiley:

I’ve thought of you and your little firstborn every time pregnancy comes up… funny how some baby you never got to meet can have a special place with you, uh?

Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you and the fledgling family.

I am so very happy for you & your wifel. Good luck!

Woo Hoo!

My heartiest congratulations!

I truly could not be happier, I weep with joy for you both.

I shall remember you, all three, in my prayers every day forward from this one!

After having read about (and cried over) your family’s terrible ordeal, I hope and pray you will have a healthy child this time. Congratulations!

Congratulations! May things go smoothly for you both.

The SDMB Baby Boom continues. . . :cool:

I’m so happy for you, TokyoPlayer!

I’m sure the new addition will grow up happy and strong under the watch of his personal guardian angel.

Best of luck to you all.

eCongrats to both of you and I wish you the best of luckf


Congrats! My wife and I are pulling for you!

Please keep us posted!

I was never a mom, but it sound like the new kid will have a great set of parents.

I’ll pray for her/his safe birth.

You have my congratualtions too. You have my best wishes.

Congratulations. Good luck. And lots of love to the new one and you both.

How very awesome. :cool:

Now there’s some news that brought a smile to my face! Congratulations and all the best.

I’ve been thinking of you and TokyoWife and wondering how you’ve been doing.

Congratulations - this is exciting news indeed! Best wishes from the Stainz clan.

You will be keeping your Doper Family up to date of all the details. As you are more than acquainted with, we are here for the lows and highs of life. Mostly we are here for the stuff inbetween.

Congrats and a heartfelt wish for a healthy, non eventful pregnancy.


Best wishes for a safe, happy, uneventful pregnancy and birth. Keep us updated!

Wonderful news! I’m so happy for you and TW.