We're Reactor Fuel!

Yeah, yeah, I know, stars are powered by fusion. Read the quote and then I’ll explain.

[Stoner Voice] So, like, what if the entire cosmos is simply the inside of some, like, giant fusion reactor, man? We could simply be the powerplant for some civilization. And like, our fusion reactors could be creating little universes man! Whoa! [/SV]

If it means we don’t have to worry about paying off our credit cards, then I’m all for it, dude. :slight_smile:

Long as the answer’s still 42, I’m fine wit it.

I don’t see why not.

So what would that make the Question? “How many terawatts per second do we put out?”

Dude! Do you know what happens if somebody figures out the Question? The entire universe uncreates itself!

And gets replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable…

Even more bizarre and inexplicable that Paris Hilton? :eek:

Some of us believe this has already happenned… Many times over.