Were sing-a-longs, barbershop quartets and organ music _that_ popular in the 1960s?

The thread title is the question. Based on the record selection at thrift shops, I’m seeing a lot of organ music, barbershop quartets and sing-a-long LPs from the 1960s. Apparently local radio stations aired a lot of sing-a-long shows in the 1960s, because I’m also finding a lot of sing-a-long program guides from the era.

Sure, they were popular to people of a certain generation. The old folks in the 60s were the children of the 1890s & the young adults of the WWI era. Lawrence Welk had a very popular TV show during the 60s that pretty much catered to that age group.

My best friend’s parents growing up loved that stuff. They’d sing random refrains from random barbershop songs at the mildest request.

The organ wasn’t just limited to old folks music. There’s a lot of use of the instrument in 60s rock and soul.

Some examples:

“96 Tears” by ? & the Mysterians

“Good Lovin’” by The Young Rascals (organ solo)

“Green Onions” by Booker T & the MG’s

Also, Sing Along with Mitch was on regularly, at least through IIRC, 1966. There was also a local talk show, on around noon every weekday, and they had some wanker with a hammond organ, and he would blast on that monstrosity for the entr’acte and the intermission.
Let’s see…ah, yes, there used to be some show, around suppertime, I’m wanting to say The Tom Paxton hour, (prob. no relation) with somebody playing on the organ, and some fat broad singing. Even as a kid, I hated organ music. Anything else…oh, I don’t think that there were too many barbershop quartets…I believe that I may have seen one or two on Hootenany, or something like that, kind of nostalgia bit in the 60s, but that was it. Mostly, they were camp.
That’s all I got.


And Mitch Miller had a popular TV show from 1960-1966, Sing Along with Mitch. His gimmick was an all-male chorus.

And Hootenannys were popular thru the 1960’s at colleges and there were several TV shows. One of them:

Music of every era has its own distinctive sound. A cheesy Hammond organ is a hallmark of 60’s rock as much as cold, rhythmic electronics is 80’s new wave. … Grandma loved Mitch Miller, when we went to visit her we all sat there in front of the tube, singing along - good times! A happy childhood memory, for once.