Were Tyrannosaurus Rex's forearms useless?

It seems this question must have been asked before but I can find no reference to it.
Were Tyrannosaurus Rex’s forearms useless?
I’ve seen reports running the gamut from useless to useful for holding up dinner.
What’s the consensus?

They were small relative to its body but overall not so small. I just thought they would have to lean way over to pick something up.

From the Wiki :

So, used in getting up, getting on and getting fed.

How can we eat, why do we eat, where shall we have lunch?

I had a brainwave where I speculated that juvenile T rexes had a longer relative arm length, and caught prey actively, whereas the adults mostly took prey from every carnivore, including smaller rexes. Not borne out by facts, though. :frowning:

I have to say, I still feel that all these large theropods look alike to me, and all seem to have small forelimbs. T Rex doesn’t stand out as SO unusual, to me. This last statement is also apparently untrue, according to dinosaurologists on SDMB. :frowning:

Two strikes, but still at bat. Anyone want to weigh in on what percentage of a large T rex’s diet was found already dead? Without denying the capbaility of a large top predator to catch and kill prey, I still think it would be easier just to take what you want, when no-one could deny you.

I have no idea how plausible this is, but here is how some speculate T. Rex ate Triceratops. (And it ain’t pretty.)

They were terrible bowlers though.

The tragic irony about the whole thing is that their arms could have been much more developed had T-Rexes had the self-discipline to do push-ups on a regular basis; but sadly, their snouts were too big to allow it and they went extinct as a result:)

This is not nearly as ironic as the sabre-tooth tiger issue, where their teeth grew too large to permit them to eat. :slight_smile:

Or the sailback dinosaur, whose sails grew too big and the kept being blown over in a stiff wind.

Also ironic - the way human beings became so distrusting of variations in others of the same species, e.g. darker ones, those that had different languages, etc., that they warred against each other and became extinct, too.

T. Rex could have used those diminutive appendages for finely detailed work such as assembling watch crystals, leading to further cognitive development and eventually becoming the intellectual powerhouses and master species of the planet.

But no, they chose instead to use their raw brute force to make a living, crudely chomping on anyone else they felt like eating, and look where that got them.

Let that be a moral for the children!

A long time ago, David Letterman did a week where he had a T. Rex skull (on loan from a museum) as part of his set. On the last night of the week, they allowed the skull to do a “monologue” in voice over, and one of the things it said was, “That business about my front arms being useless is a load of crap!”

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