We're watching our first basketball game (on TV) tonight.

As most of you know, tonight the Cavs have a chance of becoming Cleveland’s first pro champions since the 1964 Browns. In honor of this momentous event, my husband and I will be watching the game tonight. Neither of us is into basketball, in spite of my husband being 6’10". Oh, and unlike Ted Cruz, we do know the ball goes through a hoop, not a ring. And we can pick LeBron James out of a lineup.

Anyway . . . we’ll be watching. We may even become fans.

Another benefit of Cleveland winning would be to deny Golden State a distinction. Golden State has already beaten The Chicago Bulls historic record of 72-10 for the season. But if Golden State fails to win the championship, Bulls fans can at least hang on to that small distinction. Petty, yes, but hey, it’s sports.


When it began, I was only 18, and my husband hadn’t even been born yet!

Well you picked an epic game to watch! Congratulations to the Cavs, to Cleveland (Believe-land), and to their fans. The Demons of Brian Sipe, Ernest Byner, The Drive, and Craig Ehlo are fully exorcised.