Were you a damn dirty gumball eater?

I was thinking about when I was a kid. When we went shopping getting some change to get a gumball out of the gumball machine was a big deal. Didnt always get the change or wanted more than one gumball.

So, what I did was look high and low all around the area to find a gumball that had been accidently dropped on the floor to be rejected or lost because it rolled away/under something.

Covered in dirt or hair? Not a problem. A decent wipe down with my shirt would fix it right up. 5 second rule my ass. 5 years is more like it!!

Were you one of this desperate dirty little kids?

God, no!

My thing was video games. So I was the kid that could check every change bin (the thing under the slot) in the arcade on the off chance of finding a couple quarters that’d been both rejected and forgotten. I could typically get a free game of Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat 50% of the time.

Never ate a gumball from behind the machines. Not that I wouldn’t have, it just never occurred to me to even do so.

I would wallow in the dirt and dust bunnies to get those dropped pennies and quarters, though.

Ew, no! I’d always look for the quarters that rolled into the grit under the counters at my local convenience store though. I’d usually find enough to buy whatever snack I wanted.

I’ve seen kids do this. Kids are magically attracted to dirt. I never did it as I wasn’t that crazy about gum. I was always a chocolate man myself :slight_smile:

Yeah, getting a gumball off the floor never even crossed my mind at any age.

My friend and co-worker, as child, once got a very base case of thrush from chewing a piece of gum that was stuck under one of the platforms of some jungle gym equipment in a playground. I don’t suppose she would have paused for a second over an unchewed gumball. That would have been quite the find!

I’d have done it if I had thought about it. I ate a lot of dirt as a kid. I pulled the legs off stinkbugs and told my babysister that they were black jellybeans. I recently learned that Mom used to wonder how she got stinkbug shells between her teeth. I didn’t confess.